Stamina air rower reviews-buyer guide

Rowing machines are all the rage right now and rightfully so. Rowing machines offer all the full body workout advantages of conventional rowing without requiring you to have a boat and access to open water. We are checking out the Stamina air rower. There are a few different types of rowing machines, the most common being the water based ones. They do provide the most authentic rowing experience and the density does add to the overall resistance of the workout. However, modern wind resistance rowing machines are also becoming very popular. They are less complicated and there is no risk of spillage of any kind. They are also much lighter than the water based models. This makes them easier to move and transport especially around the house.

Stamina Air Rower

Here we review the Stamina Air Rower, a versatile wind resistance rowing machine that is supremely effective as well as extremely affordable. Available at a discount on Amazon, the machine definitely packs a punch. It is way above others in its class and is quite possibly the best fitness rower in this price range.

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The stainless steel frame gives the Stamina Rower an extremely sturdy construction. Like any good piece of exercise equipment, it feels like it is built to last. The seat is padded with high-density foam and is well upholstered. It is actually quite comfortable, perfect for extended workout sessions. The maximum weight capacity is 250 lbs, which makes the Air Rower a versatile piece of home fitness equipment. This limit allows the rower to accommodate people of varying builds and weights.

The footrests are oversized and offer excellent grip. It also features adjustable straps that secure your feet firmly in place, preventing any injuries. The frame itself sits on non-skid rubber feet, which makes the rower extremely stable and well planted, even while rowing vigorously. The rubber feet also prevent any direct contact of the metal frame with your floor. This helps protect any floor finishes or carpentry over the long run.

Built in LCD

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The built in LCD console displays a variety of information. Stats such as your equivalent rowing speed, distance covered, your pace, calories burned, and duration of workout. While there are no pre-programmed workout plans, this information is more than enough for you to track your progress yourself.

The machine comes disassembled but is actually quite easy to put together without any professional help. All the tools you need to assemble the machine come included in the box. The instruction manual is also quite comprehensive and informative. You can get ready to row in less than 15 minutes.

The Stamina Air Rower is a wonderful piece of equipment that will appeal to both beginners as well as advanced rowers. As a fitness tool, its efficacy is unparalleled, providing you with both cardio as well as muscle building exercise to your upper and lower body. Moreover, the design of the machine ensures that there is minimal impact on your joints, which is great if you plan to work out for extended periods of time.

How does the air resistance feel?

The air resistance functionality is perfect because as your strength increases and you are able to workout much harder, the resistance also increases. This means that even without any customization or configuration, the machine delivers the amount of resistance that is exactly suited to your abilities. The resistance feel is not directly comparable to the traditional water resistance or the newer magnetic resistance systems that are found in more expensive machines. However, it still gets the job done and unless you are a champion rower who regularly works out on rowing machines, you would hardly notice the difference.

The construction of the machine is sturdy without being too heavy. While you might think that the lack of weight would make the machine unstable when working out. Stamina has engineered it to perfection. Even better, the machine itself is portable. This means that you can easily fold it and stow it away when it is not in use.

What’s not to like

One thing that we need to note is the noise. Wind-based machines are inherently noisy unless they are specially designed to deal with it. At this price range, the Stamina Air Rower does not come with these enhancements. As the fan cranks up, there is a significant amount of noise generated. This is not a machine that you would want to use early in the morning if your significant other is still in bed.

However, we are nit-picking here. The Stamina Air Rower delivers a great all-round workout. It is versatile and suited to beginners and fitness buffs alike. The design is extremely well engineered and it is comfortable to use even for long stretches at a time.

The built-in monitor provides you with a wealth of information about your progress.  Possibly most importantly, the Stamina Rower does all this without breaking the bank. At the price below on Amazon, the machine is extremely affordable and is worth every penny. If you are going to buy one piece of equipment for your home workouts, make it the Stamina Air Rower.

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