Stamina X air rower reviews-buyer guide

Stamina is one of the most popular fitness equipment manufacturers around. Their rowing machines are of especially high quality. However, they do have a large number of models, which makes choosing one that much more difficult. The new Stamina X Air Rower is one of the newest entrants in the wind resistance type rower market.

Firstly, air resistance rowers command one significant advantage over traditional water resistance rowers: no spillage. Wind-based rowers are also a lot more lightweight and portable, which might not make a difference when you are working out but does help in terms of encouraging you to use the rower regularly. Therefore, especially for the home workout environment, a wind resistance type rowing machine is definitely the way to go. The X-Air Rower from Stamina is a great piece of equipment at an equally great price.

How much will the Stamina X Air Rower Cost me?

At around $399 on Amazon, the Stamina X Air Rower is priced decidedly in the mid-range of rowing equipment. Does it pack enough functionality to justify the price tag or is it simply another overpriced piece of equipment? We are definitely in the former camp; the Stamina X Air Rower has improved significantly over its preceding models and comes in a very attractive red colored trim as a nice bonus.

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Rower assembly

Let us begin with an important note: assembling the Stamina X Air Rower is not a task for the faint-hearted. If you are not handy enough, better call someone to help you out. Even though the instruction manual is quite informative, the sheer number of parts and complexity can be overwhelming for quite a few people. There are a number of reviews on Amazon that discuss this exact issue: putting the machine together is quite a tough job. Many people have found that they have mounted the chain on to the system without even fitting the sprocket, so do keep this in mind before buying.

User experience

The seating position itself is quite comfortable. The seat is ergonomically designed and the ample cushioning ensures that you can work out for hours on end without hurting your buttocks. The steel construction means that the Stamina X Air Rower feels like it is built to last; you definitely do not need to worry about breaking something here. The footrests are quite large and spacious. It provides adequate grip whether you are rowing bare feet or with sports shoes on. It also comes with straps that can securely hold your feet in place if you are worried about slipping and injuring yourself.

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Pros & Cons of wind resistance

Because it is a wind resistance type machine, the Stamina X Rower is quite noisy. This is a drawback common to all wind resistance machines; as the fans spin up, they generate a noticeable whine. Unless you want to wake up others in the house early, do not use it for your pre-breakfast workout. The noise also means that you cannot use the machine while you are watching television or listening to music without earphones.

However, one significant advantage of a wind resistance system is that the harder you spin it, the more resistance it provides. This means that you do need to fiddle with spring tensions or configure anything on the machine to increase the workout difficulty; the machine always delivers the perfect amount of resistance for your ability. If you are just starting out, the resistance is low. But as your strength goes up and you are able to pull a lot harder, the resistance increases dramatically.

The use of chains instead of a belt drive means that that wear and tear is going to be minimal; the X Air Rower can definitely take a beating. You would be able to use it for years without any trouble.

LCD display unit

There is an LCD display on the unit which displays useful information like stroke rate, stroke count, pace and equivalent distance rowed. It’s also tracks, speed, calories burned, and total workout time. You can reset these figures depending on how you want to record your progress. There are no built-in workout programs that will help you keep track of your workout and fitness goals. However, with the information provided on the LCD, you can do that yourself without much trouble.

The stamina X air rower verdict

The Stamina X Air Rower is priced very reasonably for the functionality it provides. At $399, it outperforms a number of more expensive models from competitors and it does so in style. We are used to seeing gym equipment in black and grey. So it is definitely refreshing to see one in standout red. In the end though, you are not buying the machine for its paint job but its performance. The Stamina X Air Rower delivers on performance. It is built well, it is lightweight, and it is supremely comfortable even for long durations. What more could you ask for?

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