Total Gym XLS reviews – multi gym

What happens when you want to tone your entire body without settling for the conventional training methods. Or perhaps investing in a space-hogging fitness machine is not for you. Well, introducing the total gym xls.

This all in one multi gym is a top rated device for all your sculpting and strength training needs.

Total Gym XLS
  • As Seen on TV with Chuck Norris & Christie Brinkley
  • Resistance training with 6 levels
  • 400 lb weight capacity for total strength and stability
  • Padded glideboard with head support
  • Exercise capability - over 80 exercises

This is because it has been designed to work every major muscle group in the body just by using a single glide board. While it also has the option of a  few handy total gym accessories.

Besides that, this Total Gym also works by making you lift a percentage of your body weight against gravity. This provides smooth and fluid resistance for your training needs. As your strength and conditioning capacities increase, you can simply calibrate the resistance of the machine to suit your unique needs.

Another thing about this unit is it will not only work your entire upper body but your lower body and cardiovascular system as well. As a result, you can be sure of reduced body fat proportions and an increased proportion of lean muscle mass in your body.

The strength training also helps increase your metabolism levels such that you body constantly breaks down calories and stored fat.

Here are some of the important factors to consider when it comes to the total gym  xls multi gym:

 If your looking for something that takes up even less space you may want to consider looking at a home core workout . Another option is to combine supplementation with exercise by adding one of the best fat burners for women.