Top 10 Inflatable water slides for kids

It’ always a tough decision as the kids get passed the crawling stage and seek out a bit more complex entertainment than building blocks. When they start looking towards swing sets, climbing frames and inflatable water slides for their daily outdoor thrills you have to make the choice. Do you maintain your perfectly manicured back garden and encourage them to enjoy the beauty of nature, or do you install some brightly colored swing set and climbing frame and accept that this now permanent structure is to become a part of your outdoor landscaping features for the next 10 to 15 years?

Well, the good news is that there is a compromise and it comes in the form of inflatable water slides. Your kids will get hours of fun out of this easy to install and non-permanent back garden feature. A blow-up water slide is an awesome addition to any backyard and they come in so many different shapes and sizes if would be difficult to find one that doesn’t suit your specific requirements.

Best Buy
Blast Zone Pirate Bay - Inflatable Water Park with Blower - Large - Slide - Climbing Wall - Bounce House - Tunnel
Best Value for Money
BANZAI BAN-35076 Slide N Soak Splash Park Inflatable Outdoor Kids Water Park Play Center with Slides, Pool, and Air Blower Motor
Blast Zone Pirate Bay – Inflatable Water Park with Blower – Large – Slide – Climbing Wall – Bounce House – Tunnel
BANZAI BAN-35076 Slide N Soak Splash Park Inflatable Outdoor Kids Water Park Play Center with Slides, Pool, and Air Blower Motor
Best Buy
Blast Zone Pirate Bay - Inflatable Water Park with Blower - Large - Slide - Climbing Wall - Bounce House - Tunnel
Blast Zone Pirate Bay – Inflatable Water Park with Blower – Large – Slide – Climbing Wall – Bounce House – Tunnel
Best Value for Money
BANZAI BAN-35076 Slide N Soak Splash Park Inflatable Outdoor Kids Water Park Play Center with Slides, Pool, and Air Blower Motor
BANZAI BAN-35076 Slide N Soak Splash Park Inflatable Outdoor Kids Water Park Play Center with Slides, Pool, and Air Blower Motor

Inflatable water slides: the ultimate summer toy

Great for school holidays (Summer of course, if you live in a more temperate climate) and an awesome way to encourage them off the couch and into the outdoors, inflatable water slides are also an amazing and low-cost addition to any kids birthday party. Focus the mess, noise, and chaos outside and your living room furniture and beige carpet will thank you for it when all the kids go home! You could even go one step further and lock everybody outside! Kidding! I have contemplated it though at several of my kids’ birthday parties.


Is there a downside to inflatable water slides?

There is, of course, a few downsides to getting a banzai water slide or any blow-up water slide. The first one being the constant demand from the kids to inflate it and get it set-up, day and night, before school, after school, all the time. Seriously you’ll never get them off it! Of course, this can get a little irritating at times and leave you feeling like a terrible parent as you think of other, easier ways to distract them because sometimes, let’s face it, you just can’t be bothered setting up an inflatable water slide! However, more often than not, it really is brilliant to see them out enjoying water play, getting some fresh air and burning off all that excess energy.

Another possible downside is if, like me, you’re completely disorganised and forget to put any sort of absorbent matting between the blow up water slide and the house, you will end up with a steady pattern of muddy, mulchy kids’ (and dogs’) footprints all the way through your kitchen, living room, bathroom and wherever else they decide to wander with their little tiny mud-soaked feet!

All in all though, they’re a great investment to add some non-permanent outdoor entertainment to your living space and provide happy memories for years to come. As there’s such a choice available out there we’ve done some of the hard work for you, scouring the Internet and coming up with our favorite top picks of Inflatable water slides for kids so read on and see what they’re all about.

Banzai Spring & Summer Toys Banzai Slide ‘N Soak Splash Park Constant Air Water Slide

Item Dimensions: 15’4”L x 9’6”W x 7’11”H Inches

Inflation Time: 2 Minutes

Recommended age range: 5 Years and Up.

Product Weight: 45.1 pounds.

Individual User Weight Limit: 120 pounds.

About the Banzai Spring & Summer Toys Banzai Slide ‘N Soak Splash Park Constant Air Water Slide:

Standing at nearly 8 foot tall and built from heavy-duty Dura-Tech construction, this banzai water slide is sure to be a rather imposing feature in your back garden and will definitely make a strong first impression with the neighbors!

This blow-up water slide is designed with maximum fun in mind, with a side climbing wall for accent and a soft cushiony slide for descent into the cool, lagoon style splash pool at the bottom. However, it also comes with a fun overhead shower sprinkler to keep refreshed, so there’s all sorts of features to keep the littlies occupied for hours on end.

The Banzai slide comes with a blower motor included to assist in inflation, and inflation takes no more than two minutes…which is probably just as well if you have a queue of little people waiting to jump on.

The Good Bits:
  • Quick and easy set-up, with an inflation time of 2 minutes.
  • Includes Blower Motor.
  • Splash pool at the bottom is fun for younger kids if they’re too small for the slide.
  • The climbing wall is a nice feature instead of a standard ladder…great safe soft play area to practice climbing skills.
The Bad Bits:
  • Uses a lot of water as you have to fill the pool and keep water running continuously to keep the slide wet. However, if you’re water supply is restricted it is possible to turn off the water and just give the slide an occasional spray with a hose pipe to keep it wet.
  • Takes a while to disassemble as you have to make sure it’s fully dried before packing it up.
  • Water spray hose not included.

What the Reviews Say:

Good reviews and not so shiny reviews on this one. Mainly good reviews though describing it as strong, sturdy and suitable for the job of entertaining small kids. A couple of people stated that they didn’t like that the lining was held in place by velcro as it pulls away easily and leaves a rough surface to irritate young skin. Several reviews stated that they had a problem with leaks appearing in it after only a small bit of use but that the holes were easy enough to repair.

A few reviewers complained that it’s smaller than it looks in the picture. However, the dimensions are clearly stated in the information and it’s not a commercial slide…it is just for family use. That said it’s probably more suited to kids aged 5 to 9 or 10 but not much bigger than that.  

Also a handy hint from a few reviewers…to increase the lifespan of product put a tarp under if when in use to protect the base (and your grass), and make sure it’s completely dry before deflating so mold doesn’t grow on it in storage.

What We Say:

It’s a fun product at a nice price. We found it sturdy enough for our kids to play on and I even had a go myself. It’s great fun and we love the climbing wall feature. The splash pool is great for the extra little littlies and, bar the extra time spent allowing it to dry after use, it’s very easy and quick to set-up and take back down again. It’s probably not the sturdiest inflatable water slide for sale for bigger kids. However, it’s not a commercial product and, for domestic use, it’s perfect for the job.

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We love this one…4 Stars from Us!

Blast Zone Pirate Bay Inflatable Combo Water Park and Bounce

Item Dimensions: 962H x 144”W x 240”D Inches

Inflation Time: 2 Minutes

Recommended age range: 3 Years to 12 Years.

Product Weight: 85 pounds.

Individual User Weight Limit: 100 pounds.

Maximum Occupancy: 5

About the Blast Zone Pirate Bay Inflatable Combo Water Park and Bounce:

Strong and durable, yet portable and lightweight, the Blast Zone Pirate Bay Inflatable water slide, with one year manufacturer’s warranty, brings all the fun of a water park straight to your back garden for your little ones to enjoy. There’s plenty going on with this super fun design and it includes an integrated water slide, dual water cannons to soak unsuspecting passers-by, an awesome crawl-tunnel to ignite their imaginations, a bouncer, and an over-sized splash pool. Therefore, there’s something for al different ages in this imaginative and creatively designed product.

Built-in flow restriction reduces water wastage with this model and all high-stress areas are reinforced to maximize product lifespan in this blow-up water slide.

The blast zone slide includes: Inflatable Park, Fan, Carrying Case or cinch straps, sprayer, ground stakes and more.

The Good Bits:
  • Multi-featured for extra fun..plenty of going on with this inflatable water slide for sale.
  • Built-in flow restriction to reduce water wastage.
  • Includes extras such as carry case and fan for easier disassembly and storage.
  • Double and quadruple stitching for extra strength and commercial grade impact surfaces for extra durability and a longer lifespan.
The Bad Bits:
  • Pool bottom quite thin so can only be used on grass…which incidentally floods quite badly upon emptying. However, if you’re not too fussed about having the perfect lawn then it’s not a big problem.
  • A bit more difficult to put up properly as there’s so many features…but well worth the effort.
  • Takes a long time to dry out completely as there’s so many corners and folds.

What the Reviews Say:

Mainly excellent reviews on this inflatable water slide, with over 92% 4 and 5 Star reviews, describing the product as strong, sturdy and heaps of fun for multiple kids at a time. There’s mixed opinion on the suitable age range, with some buyers saying that it’s only suitable for a kid up to age 9, whereas others saying that their 12-year-olds and even bigger have a great time playing on it with no sagging or structural collapse.

A few buyers said they found it annoying that the sprayers can’t be turned off as some kids don’t like to be sprayed when going down the slide, and also that the sprayers can sometimes fill up with water and throw the structure of balance a bit.

Drainage on this particular blow up water slide is a bit messy and it does tend to flood the surrounding area. One buyer suggested it might not be the best model for you if you live in a desert area as drainage becomes quite muddy and messy if there’s no grass to absorb it.

What We Say:

We think this is an awesome product. There’s heaps going on for kids of all ages, from just tipping around in the splash pool to exploring crawl spaces and stretching your imagination. Several reviews stated that they’d had it for 2 or 3 years and it’s still going strong. This is good to hear in reviews as, very often, reviews only take into account the new product.

Everything about this inflatable water slide is bigger and more complicated, from the price to the setup. But honestly, it’s worth the effort as it’s so much fun and a strong, sturdy construction.

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Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Slide Bouncer

Item Dimensions: 144”L x 144”W x 101”H Inches

Inflation Time: 2 Minutes

Recommended age range: 5 to 10 Years.

Product Weight: 47 pounds.

Maximum Combined Weight: 350 pounds.

Maximum Number of Kids: 4

About the Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Slide Bouncer:

This is a fun blow-up water slide for smaller kids, with bright colors and a simple open design so parents can see all the action and keep an eye on their little ones while they play. Design includes a climbing wall (not too steep!), two slides, a splash pool and a nice raised island rest area to relax and take a break, allowing up to 4 kids to play together at the same time. To add to the fun a surprise dump bucket pours water on the climbers as they scale the dizzying heights of the climbing wall.

This kit contains a heavy duty blower, a repair kit, a storage bag, 4 blower stakes, 6 bouncer stakes as well as a 90 Warranty on all inflatable fabrics and a 1 year warranty on the blower, meaning very little extra expense to get set-up and get them out in the fresh air and cooling down in style.

The Good Bits:
  • Includes a lot of extras such as stakes and blower, meaning no additional costs.
  • Open design makes it ideal for younger kids as parents can see them at all times.
  • Easy and quick set-up.
The Bad Bits:
  • Uses a lot of water.
  • Easier to fall off than other bigger models…needs constant supervision.

What the Reviews Say:

Plenty of good reviews on this one describing it as a good quality, heavy duty product with easy set-up and a good fun factor! A few reviewers stated that they had problems with the quality of the product after it had been in storage over the Winter as the material seemed to have degraded to an unusable state. However, it is possible that this is due to it not being dried out fully before being packed up. It is therefore extremely important, as with all inflatable water slides, to ensure the product is 10% dry before packing up and storing.

What We Say:

It is a bit smaller in size than other inflatable water slide for sale and therefore probably a slightly shorter lifespan as the kids grown older. However, that said, it does appeal to younger kids for that same reason as it’s not as “big and scary”. The structure itself does seem strong and sturdy. However, there is more chance of falling off the side with this particular model due to it’s pyramid-like design. Therefore constant supervision is recommended at all times…as with all water slides. It comes with a good few extras to assist with setup which is good in terms of keeping the cost down and it would be suitable for a smaller backyard if you’re available space is restricted.

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Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Inflatable Water Park with Dual Slides

No products found.

Item Dimensions: 14 ft L x 22 Ft W x 8 Ft H

Inflation Time: 2 Minutes

Recommended age range: 3 Years to 12 Years.

Product Weight: 95 pounds.

Maximum Combined Weight Limit: 300 pounds.

Maximum Occupancy: 6

About the Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Inflatable Water Park with Dual Slides:

This is one of the best inflatable water slides out there from Blast Zone, with an equally strong focus on safety and fun. Double and quadruple stitched for extra strength and made from reinforced polyester oxford and commercial grade vinyl on all impact surfaces, this blow-up water slide will offer maximum comfort and safety for your kids without compromising on fun.

The Blast Zone Crocodile Isle features dual slides, a huge splash area, a cool climbing ramp as well as a ladder, safety netting, a fan to help dry it out after, a handy storage case and a 1-year warranty on the pump and all inflatable materials.

It operates on Constant air technology, meaning air is continuously fed from an electrically powered blower into the inflatable, allowing any excess to escape through the seams in the material. This keeps the inflatable stronger, more rigid and able to support a higher level of activity without sagging or weakness. The fact that the air can escape through holes in the seams keeps it from becoming over inflated or putting excess pressure on the seams. It is therefore, to be expected that you will hear air escaping from the inflatable or may see air bubbles coming from the seams. This is a normal part of the inflatable structure’s function and is not a puncture.

This model also takes water conservation into account by including a sprayer system that directly attaches to your garden hose (not included).This enables the user to adjust the water supply to the inflatable as needed, and very little water is actually needed to keep the slides lubricated and safe. This will also reduce that flooded, soggy mess that’s left all over the lawn and gets walked into the house afterward…bonus!

The Good Bits:
  • High maximum weight capacity and user limit, with up to 6 children able to play on it at once…that’s a ready-to-go birthday party right there!
  • Easy set-up and inflates within two minutes.
  • Built in flow restriction and sprayer system to minimize unnecessary water use.
  • Really big!
The Bad Bits:
  • As it’s large and heavy-duty, it does take a bit longer to set-up and take down again…but worth the extra time I think!
  • Very difficult to get back into “handy carrier bag” once it’s been opened. Unless you’re an expert in origami I’d accept that it’s not going back in the bag!

What the Reviews Say:

Mostly great reviews for this and one of the most popular inflatable water slides on the market. All buyers, including the ones with negative comments, describe the product as strong, robust, absolutely huge and definitely well worth the money. The general opinion does seem to be that it’s incredibly difficult to get back in the storage bag after use and that it takes quite a while to dry fully before you can pack it up. A handy hint from one user is to use a gentle mold cleaner on it each time you take it down as there will inevitably be some water left in the seams even if the rest is fully dry.

There were a couple of unhappy customers that seemed to have got a defective product, that experienced tearing in the seams only shortly after purchase. However, this was rectified by the company.

What We Say:

This is definitely a step up from your average inflatable water slide for sale. The increase in cost and effort at set up is definitely worth it as you’ll have multiple kids playing on it at once with no fear of collapse. The structure is strong, sturdy and suitable for kids from a good range of ages up to about 12. It is difficult to take down afterward but this is just down to the sheer size and sturdiness of it…which can’t be a bad thing!

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4.5 Stars from Us!

Blast Zone Hydro Rush Inflatable Water Park

Item Dimensions: 18’L x 8’H x 11’W

Inflation Time: 2 Minutes

Recommended age range: 3 to 10 Years.

Product Weight: 60 pounds.

Weight Supported: 200 pounds.

Maximum Number of Kids: 6

About the Blast Zone Hydro Rush Inflatable Water Park:

Durable, safe and fun, the Hydro Rush Inflatable Water Park from Blast Zone will keep your kids busy and entertained for hours whilst giving you peace of mind that it’s superior quality and safety features will keep your little ones safe while they play. Constructed from reinforced polyester oxford, with commercial grade vinyl on the high use areas such as the climbing wall and slide, this product is also double and quadruple stitched to add extra strength and therefore safety.

Features of this blow up water slide include a climbing wall to allow them to practice their climbing and adventure skills in a safe and fun environment,  two overhead sprayers to add to the fun and keep everybody cool, a long curved slide plunging into a fun splash pool and, of course, a water cannon at the bottom just in case anybody was still dry!

It’s ease of set-up and ability to take up to 6 kids at once make this a great investment for some safe Summer fun, with the added benefits of exercise, fresh air and water play.

The Kit includes the inflatable unit, a UL Listed Blower, Carrying Case or Cinch Straps and an Instruction Manual and DVD. It also comes with a generous 1-year warranty on the blower and inflatable material.

The Good Bits:
  • Inflates in two minutes.
  • Built in flow-restriction to minimize water usage.
  • No need to exit the pool to get to the slide, meaning fewer clumps of wet grass to clean off the slide when you’re packing it up.
  • A nice compact footprint for a smaller backyard but still a good size.
The Bad Bits:
  • Takes a while to fill up.
  • The blower is a bit noisy…but once the kids are screaming and shouting you probably won’t notice.
  • Difficult to make sure it’s dried out completely in order to prevent mold.
  • Draining and deflation a bit messy (as with most inflatable water slides) as it just spills out all over the grass.

What the Reviews Say:

Mainly excellent reviews and it seems to be a very popular water slide for sale. Multiple reviewers stated that it seems strong, safe and durable and has held up for multiple Summers without tearing, fading or degradation of materials. Mould does seem to be a problem after prolonged storage. However, this seems to be an issue across the board with inflatable water slides as it is very difficult to make sure the item is 100% dry before packing up.  

Most buyers agree that, although it is a great product and definitely worth the investment, it is a bit time consuming (to put it politely!) to drain and dry, usually resulting in a big sloppy lawn, messy children everywhere and tired grumpy parents at the end of the day. Still, that’s just family life and better than having them on the couch all day I’d say.

What We Say:

Well it’s from Blast Zone so it’s a high-quality product and you should expect to get a few good Summers out of it. Personally, I prefer the more radical designs involving pirates and crocodiles but that’s just personal choice. There’s enough to entertain the little people and that’s the main thing. Smaller footprint for a smaller backyard which is another positive. Great quality and great fun.

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4 Stars from Us!

INTEX Surf ‘N Slide Inflatable Play Center

Item Dimensions: 160” x 66” x 64”

Recommended age range: 6 Years and Up

Product Weight: 36.1 pounds.

Weight Supported: 176 pounds.

About the INTEX Surf ‘N Slide Inflatable Play Center:

The INTEX Surf ’N Slide is a lovely simple product at a great price. A water slide with two surf riders included, this is ideal for some low investment backyard entertainment for the kids, without taking up too much room. The design includes a landing mat underneath for extra padding and some nice inflatable waves at the bottom of the slide to catch your littlie before they skid off the bottom and into the mud.

Inflatable in separate sections, this does take a little bit longer than 2 minutes to set up. However, it’s not complicated and, for the hours of fun your family will have playing on it, it’s worth the time. Once inflated, simply attach your garden hose to the sprayers and let the surf rider fun begin!

This blow-up water slide comes with a handy repair kit. However, it does not include the air pump and this will be an additional cost to consider. We strongly recommend purchasing the correct INTEX air pump to allow for correct air flow and avoid over stressing the seams, therefore increasing the lifespan of the product.

The Good Bits:
  • A good price and much cheaper than other inflatable water slides.
  • Small footprint for smaller backyards.
  • Includes two surf rider boards.
The Bad Bit:
  • Organize a queuing system…it’s quite small so probably only one child at a time on this one
  • Air pump not included in the purchase.
  • Individual sections to inflate so may take a bit longer than other larger “inflate in two-minute” models.

What the Reviews Say:

Some mixed reviews on this one. The majority of reviews say it’s a great product at a great price, with hours of fun and entertainment to be had. Several reviewers stated that it had stood up to the test of multiple birthday parties and is still going strong.

A couple of grumbles about poor instructions not indicating clearly where all the plugs are to inflate the blow-up water slide correctly.

There are some conflicting reports on the durability of the product. As stated, many reviews state that it seems strong, durable and able to withstand use of multiple kids over time. However, about 15% of reviews advise that it burst at the seams after only 1 or 2 uses.

Customer service seems to be of a good level if the product is still in warranty.

With regards to recommended age range there seems to be some mixed reports on that also, with some stating that anything from 2 years to 13 years will get great fun out of it, and even the odd parent having a go! Others advise that anything over 8 years old would be bored on it. I guess that’s down to the individual child. However, as a size, the product is appropriate up until 12 years of age.

What We Say:

It’s a good starter investment if you’re not prepared to spend hundreds on an epic back garden adventure playground. It’s low cost and has a small footprint so you’ll still be able to mow the lawn and tend to the roses! Set-up takes a bit longer than larger models as there are individual sections to inflate. However, it still doesn’t take that long and your kids will get great fun from it.

There does seem to be some conflicting opinions about the quality of craftsmanship. However, the majority seem to be good so perhaps there was a defective batch sent out.

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INTEX Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center

Item Dimensions: 117” x 76” x 53”

Recommended age range: 3 to 7

Product Weight: 14.64 pounds.

About the INTEX Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center

Lovely price and nice to see an inflatable water slide for sale for toddlers. This is a lovely little product with lots of different features going on to keep them entertained at this young and inquisitive age. However, with a nice gentle slide and high walls you can be happy knowing there’s very little opportunity for bumps, falling and injury with this design.

The fun, colorful design features a water slide, splash pool, water sprayer and even has a ring toss game, including 4 rings, to add another dimension to the fun for your toddler. Easy to set up and not too imposing in your garden, simply inflate, attach your garden hose to the included water sprayer and you’re ready to go!

The Good Bits:
  • Great size and multiple kids can use it at once, unlike other similar sized models.
  • Can be adapted to use as a ball pit if it’s not quite warm enough for water play and it can even be used indoors during Winter (if you have the space available!)
  • High walls and gentle slide make it safe and suitable for toddlers.
  • Splash pool big enough for Mum or Dad to sit in with the child for extra fun and extra safety.
The Bad Bits:
  • No pump included so that needs to be considered as an additional expense.
  • The large splash pool area takes a while to fill.
  • No plug to drain it so take down is a bit of a long process…wouldn’t recommend doing it every day after play.
  • Takes a while to inflate due to the separate sections, so you probably wouldn’t be putting it up and taking it down each day. More of a “leave it up for the Summer and keep it covered when not in use” kind of a thing
  • Slide is a bit short for older kids (& and Up)

What the Reviews Say:

Plenty of great reviews on this one, saying that kids from a good size age range get plenty of fun from it. The general opinion seems to be that it’s quite a lot of work to inflate and you expect to put aside about 30 minutes for this. Similar with take down, as there’s no plug hole to empty the pool it takes a while to empty it manually. That said, once it’s up buyers have described it as a good size, fairly strong and able to support multiple kids at once and have said that, once it is up, it’s able to hold it’s air pressure for weeks at a time.

In direct contrast to this, a few reviewers did state that their experience was that the blow-up slide seemed to get holes in it and start deflating after only a few uses.

Several reviewers said that the rainbow didn’t seem to be able to stand up, no matter how inflated it was and that this was possibly a poor design.

What We Say:

It’s a lovely middle sized product at a very good price, capable of entertaining multiple kids of varying ages at once. It possibly could be a bit stronger and sturdier but, at that price, it’s worth the investment for a couple of Summer’s use.

We don’t like that putting it up and taking it down is a bit of a longer process than other inflatable water slides as it’s not great to leave water sitting there in the pool for days (and not safe either). Always make sure to keep it covered and keep kids away from it if you do choose to leave the water in it. This could be easily rectified if the manufacturers put a plug hole in the base to drain it a bit easier.

Water aside, the structure itself is small enough to leave up over the Summer (weather permitting) without taking up your whole back yard and, as it can also be used as a fun ball pit, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth from it!

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3.5 Stars from us and set up and take down could be made a little bit easier.

INTEX 57444EP Dinosaur Play Center

Item Dimensions: 95 x 75 x 43 Inches

Recommended age range: 2 to 5 Years

Product Weight: 4.4 pounds.

About the INTEX 57444EP Dinosaur Play Center:

Watch your toddler laugh, giggle and splash their way through this awesome, fun and colorful blow-up water slide from INTEX, featuring a fun palm tree sprayer, a giant dinosaur and a cool volcano slide.

Begin at the top and slide down the volcano into the toddler safe splash pool. Attack the friendly dinosaur with fun balls and set the novelty palm tree sprayer to on for some extra splashy fun to keep them cool and cranky-free during those long lazy, hazy days of Summer.

This design includes a landing mat for extra comfort when descending the slide and, once the sprayer is attached to your garden hose, the waterfall feature is adjustable to different levels or can be turned off completely, depending on how your little monkey prefers it.

The Good Bits:
  • Sprayer feature optional as some kids don’t like to be sprayed in the face.
  • Lovely small slide, suitable for toddlers.
  • Comes with drain plug in pool floor for easier emptying.
  • Waterfall adjusts to different levels.
The Bad Bits:
  • We would suggest using it on grass only as the base is quite thin and a harder surface might be uncomfortable.
  • Smaller age range than other similar inflatable water slides as it’s definitely designed for toddlers and the slide is very small.
  • Takes a while to inflate and fill.
  • The base of splash pool can be a bit slippy for a toddler as there’s no grip on the surface.

What the Reviews Say:

Reviews describe it as awesome for toddlers and preschoolers but a bit small for anybody over 5 or 6 Years. A couple of buyers advised that the pool surface might be a bit slippy for a toddler as there is no anti-slip surface incorporated into the design.

Plenty of great reviews describing the product as durable enough for the job and heaps of fun for the kiddies. However, expect it to last a couple of Summers and probably no more.

Several less positive reviews experiencing problems with the seams ripping and holes appearing shortly after purchase. They are in the minority. However, they are consistent with reviews of other items from INTEX so perhaps it is a quality control issue.

What We Say:

Lots of different features and accessories to entertain the little people in the brightly colored and fun blow up water slide. With nice easy access and a gentle slide it’s ideal for younger age groups. The lifespan of this product is possibly a bit shorter than other inflatable water slides but, as it is low cost and appeals to quite a small age group, it’s probably about right before they’d grow out of it anyway.

Again, like the previous INTEX model that we reviewed, set up and take down is a bit of a longer process than the larger inflatable water slides that can be inflated in 2 minutes. However, this does keep the design simple and the cost down.

Sturdy enough to entertain for a couple of Summer’s anyway and with plenty going on to keep it interesting.

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We rate this one 4 stars

INTEX Water Slide Inflatable Play Center

No products found.

Item Dimensions: 135” x 81” x 50”

Recommended age range: 6 and up.

Product Weight: 41.1 pounds

About the INTEX Water Slide Inflatable Play Center:

A slightly different product from the other inflatable water slides we reviewed, this is just a slide with no splash pool and is designed to sit on the edge of an already existing pool. Designed with seven air chambers and eight heavy duty handles, this blow-up water slide has inflatable bases for extra stability and comes with a repair patch included in the kit.

Once inflated, this product is sturdy enough to sit on the edge of the pool and should not need anchoring. Just attach your garden hose to the sprayers to lubricate the slide and you’re ready to start the fun!

The Good Bits:
  • Simple design.
  • Good age range, suitable even for adults.
  • Very economic purchase compared to other water slides.
The Bad Bits:
  • Doesn’t include splash pool…so it’s just for those of you who have pools already.
  • One kid at a time on this, so be prepared for queuing.
  • No pump included and, to be honest, pretty difficult to inflate with anything other than an electric air pump.
  • Deflation is quite time-consuming.

What the Reviews Say:

Ok! So reviews are split right down the middle with regards to the quality of this product. With about half of buyers very happy with their purchase and delighted that their kids got so much fun from it. Even with the positive reviews, however, it is still described as a “1 season product”.

The other half of reviews are very unhappy with the quality of the product.  Describing seems bursting very soon after first use and deflation, particularly in the stair area.

We tried it ourselves and the particular one we tried did seem to be fairly robust. It did hold up to some lively fun from all the family. However, that was only a few days so I’m not sure how it would last for a few months. I think if there’s any defects, however, they show up pretty quickly. Making it easy for you to get a refund…not that you should have to expect that from a new product purchase.

What We Say:

So it’s a different product from the other inflatable water slides we reviewed. Down to the fact that it’s designed for somebody who already has a pool as it has no splash pool included. So if you’ve no pool…it’s not for you! There does seem to be some issues with consistency of quality. This is unfortunate as it seems like great fun for all the family. And an ideal addition to any domestic pool.

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3 Stars from Us!

Cloud 9 Climb N’ Slide – Inflatable Outdoor Water Slide and Climbing Wall

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Item Dimensions: 17 x 17 x 9.5 feet

Recommended age range: 3 to 11 Years

Inflation Time: Approximately 1 minute.

Product Weight: 84 pounds.

Individual User Weight Limit: 100 lbs

Maximum Weight Capacity: 500 lbs

About The Cloud 9 Climb N’ Slide – Inflatable Outdoor Water Slide and Climbing Wall:

Constructed from fire resistant and puncture-proof, heavy duty Nylon with a tough base made from PVC, this blow-up slide is designed and built to last the rigors of kids’ outdoor activities. The Cloud 9 Climb N’ Slide design boasts an extra slippery water slide, climbing stairs with two entrances and a large splash pool to keep everybody entertained. The splash pool area is a large 15 x 12 feet, allowing up to 5 children to play at once. This makes it ideal for birthday parties and family events.  

All materials are made from extremely sturdy, tough materials and quadruple stitched for durability. Kit includes inflatable slide, repair kit, ground stakes, blower, storage bag, instructions, sprayer head, tubing and hose adapter.

The Good Bits:
  • Large size, particularly splash pool area.
  • Inflates in 1 minute.
  • Can take up to 5 kids at once (although only 1 at a time on the slide!)
The Bad Bits:
  • No warranty.
  • Takes a while to dry out fully after use.
  • Takes a while to fill up due to it’s large size (which is a good thing I guess)

What the Reviews Say:

Mainly good reviews on this one with people saying they’ve had it for 2 and 3 Summers now and it’s still working fine. A couple of reviewers said the set-up instructions were poor and that more ground stakes needed to be included.

On the other end of the scale, there were a handful of very unhappy customers complaining about their experience of customer service when trying to return what they claim was a defective product.

What We Say:

Well. it is quite a large investment for a kids outdoor toy. However, it is made of quality materials and apparently built to last (although a handful of reviewers would argue that point). It’s a great size and will definitely cope with entertaining a few kids at once. However, compared to other models of inflatable water slides it does lack some extra features and there’s not too much going on with it. For the price you’re paying you might expect an extra crawl tunnel or something. But hey, that’s just my opinion! Apart from that, great product made of good quality material.

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4 Stars from Us!


So this concludes our review on inflatable water slides. As you can see there’s many many different styles, designs and prices out there. All to suit different budgets and age ranges. With a bit of shopping around, you’ll definitely find the one that’s right for you.

Remember to take into account the age of your kids in Summer’s to come as well. That way you don’t have to keep upsizing your blow up water slide every season.

Happy hunting for your perfect water slide and enjoy the hours of active, healthy fun that it will bring to your family!

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