Best Bounce House to Entertain Your Kids

Bouncing is fun! That’s pretty much all there is to it. Whatever age and stage you’re at in life, everybody loves a good chance to jump and bounce around like a kid in the best bounce house you can find (unless you’re really boring…kidding!)

Unfortunately for grown ups we’re not really provided for in this area and there’s not much opportunity for good old fashioned jumping fun. Unless, of course, you’re on some engineered team bonding day and you’re allowed into a ball pit to see how you all work as a team. But even then you have to try and look a bit sensible!

Luckily for kids, however, there’s loads of opportunities out there to get up off that sofa and go jumping. Play parks, fairgrounds and a whole heap of other places. But what if you could provide this entertainment for your little ones…in their own home! No assembling of the little people and clumsily trying to put on several pairs of shoes and socks and bundle them into the car to get to the shopping mall. No overpriced coffee and speedy last minute dashes to the public toilets. You don’t even have to get out of your slippers…just set it up in the playroom, put the kettle on for another cuppa and away you go!

But there’s so many different ones to choose from it’s difficult to find the best bounce house to suit your needs. Big ones, little ones, ones with slides, ones with ball pits included, different suitable age ranges, so many things to consider. So we’ve taken our favorite ones, summed them up in a handy review for you where you can find all the information you need and put them in a nice easy list for you to check out. Have fun reading and we hope this helps!

So which is the Best Bounce House to Entertain Your Kids?

Little Tikes Jump N’ Slide Bouncer

Rated: 4.5 Stars

Item Dimensions: 12’ x 9’ x 6’

Recommended age range: 3 to 8 Years

Product Weight: 37.5 pounds.

Individual User Weight Limit: 250 pounds.

About the Little Tikes Jump N’ Slide Bouncer:

Brought to you by the trusted brand, Little Tikes, safety and functionality are combined in this Jump ‘n Slide inflatable bouncer model. Therefore, if you’re on the lookout for the best bounce house to entertain your kids at an affordable price, this is definitely worth taking a look at.

Designed to take into account parents’ peace of mind, this model has three high mesh walls and and easy hook and loop closure to protect littlies from bumps and falls, however small. The mesh structure also allows parents to see through and keep an eye on their little monkeys as they exercise the afternoon away! What’s more, the design includes a fun slide on one side of the structure to add another dimension to the fun.

The large jumping surface area of this particular model allows up to three kids to play on it at a single time and with a good high weight limit of 250 pounds there’ll be less squabbling and more fun as everybody can jump in at once.

The design incorporates a continuous air flow system, meaning that the structure maintains its strength and bounciness throughout. A heavy duty blower, included in your purchase, continues to pump air into the structure, allowing any excess air to escape through tiny holes along the seams to avoid over inflation. This means maximum bounciness and, as it only takes minutes to inflate, fun is only ever a few minutes away! So if you hear air escaping you can’s all part of the design.

Kit includes bounce house, storage bag, heavy duty blower with GFCI plug repair kit, 4 blower stakes and 6 bouncer stakes.


The Good Bits:
  • Inflates in minutes with included air pump.
  • Easy to deflate and store in compact bag.
  • Large jumping area to allow multiple kids to play on it at once.
  • Mesh sides add an extra degree of safety.
  • Suitable for indoors or outdoors depending on  the weather..


The Bad Bits:
  • Blower needs to be left on and can be a bit noisy.
  • Older kids might get bored of it a bit quicker.


What the Reviews Say:

Mainly great reviews on this one, describing it as a product of great quality and durability. All reviews say it is very easy to set up and take down and well worth the investment. Several reviews specifically stated that, even after a year or so, it’s still going strong and being used by multiple kids.

Only negative comments were that the pump can be a bit noisy for the younger users and that mold does tend to accumulate on it during storage. With this in mind it’s very important to make sure all moisture has been removed before storing.

About 10% of reviewers are unhappy with product, describing experiences such as item bursting after only a few hours of use, or a defective product being delivered. A couple of reviewers complained that they could hear air leaking from the seams. However, this is supposed to happen in order to prevent over inflation.


What We Say:

Well, for the money you’re paying it’s a great little product and a good investment in contrast to renting a bouncy castle or inflatable structure for special occasions. The kids will love it and as it can be used both indoors and outdoors you’ll definitely get your money’s worth all year round. The structure is very easy to inflate and deflate and comes in a handy carrier bag, making it pretty diverse and portable.

There does seem to be a handful of customers unhappy with the quality of the product. However, we found it strong and sturdy enough to get a couple of years out of it.

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Would definitely recommend…4 Stars.


Blast Zone Magic Castle Inflatable Bouncer

Rated: 5 Stars

Item Dimensions: 8.5’ W x 11’L x 8’H

Recommended age range: 3 to 12 Years

Product Weight: 48 pounds.

Bouncer Weight Limit: 300 pounds.

Maximum User Weight 300 pounds

Maximum Occupancy: 3


About the Blast Zone Magic Castle Inflatable Bouncer:

Made from high-strength x-weave and commercial vinyl for maximum strength and durability, this model from the trusted brand Blast Zone offers a superior bouncing experience while keeping safety and comfort in mind. The double and quadruple stitched commercial grade impact surfaces offer maximum support and durability whilst numerous safety features mean you’re not compromising on safety and comfort. Safe slide heights, soft safety netting, multiple anchor points and plenty of foot holes and safety handles mean super support for your little one as they climb and bounce their way to confidence.


From zero to fully inflated in less than 2 minutes and folding back up to the size of a rolled up sleeping bag when you’re done, this is a brilliant compromise for the family that wants big fun on a small budget. And all without giving up the entire garden to multi-colored play equipment all year round. This model is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors with interior bounce dimensions of 84” x 84”.


The kit includes handy carrying straps and anchor steaks and operates on a constant air flow system. The structure is fed a continuous air supply by a blower, allowing any excess air to escape through tiny holes in the seams. This does seem to cause confusion with some buyers as they think the sound of air leaking is a fault. However, it’s meant to do this to avoid over pressurization and damage to the structure.

The Good Bits:
  • Easy to inflate and deflate.
  • Easy storage between uses.
  • Multiple safety features such as high sides, safety netting and numerous handles and foot holes for safer climbing.
  • Can be used as a ball pit
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


The Bad Bits:
  • Air blower needs to be left on continuously and can be a bit noisy.


What the Reviews Say:

Mainly great reviews on this one with over 90% of customers describing it as a strong, durable high quality product that’s ideal for entertaining kids from 2 years and up. A couple of reviewers stated that it could be a little bit bouncier. However, this problem can be solved by buying some plastic balls and turning it into a ball pit to add another dimension to the fun.

Most reviewers agree that the limit of 3 kids at any one time is spot on and anything over this can lead to it sagging a little bit.

Like previous models, some buyers think that the continuous air blower is a little bit noisy at times. However, this is a small price to pay for the continuous air flow system that allows for optimum inflation and very easy assembly and disassembly.


What We Say:

With it’s bright colors, fun design and commercial grade material we think the Blast Zone Magic Castle Inflatable Bouncer is a great model. It gets amazing reviews and, although a little bit more expensive than other models, it’s strong sturdy design offers peace of mind for parents and optimum big fun levels for kids…bigger and smaller alike! Definitely worth spending a few extra dollars for this durable, safe and fun piece of equipment.

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4.5 Stars from us!


Blast Zone Superstar Inflatable Party Moonwalk

Rated: 4.5 Stars

Item Dimensions: 15 x 12 x 7 Feet

Recommended age range: 3 to 12 Years

Product Weight: 66 pounds.

Maximum Weight Limit: 500 pounds.

Maximum Occupancy: 5


About the Blast Zone Superstar Inflatable Party Moonwalk:

Another great product from Blast Zone, this model features a bright colorful design, a safe and fun slide and a good size jumping platform of 12’ x 12’, allowing plenty of space for up to 5 kids at any one time to jump their way to a fun and healthier lifestyle! With an overall footprint of 12W x 15D x 7H Ft there’s plenty of room for bouncing fun!

Like other Blast Zone products this model is constructed from top quality, interwoven oxford cloth and has an inner air membrane for added support and bounce. These quality, commercial grade materials make it strong, safe and durable. On top of this, the model includes safety netting around the sides to prevent falls and protect your little ones.


Similar to other models, the Superstar Moonwalk operates with a continuous airflow design, supplied by an air pump which is included in your kit. The continuous air flow system allows the structure to maintain optimum inflation levels throughout play, meaning bigger and better bounce for your buck. The downside, of course, is that the pump can be a little bit noisy but it’s only slightly louder than a hairdryer and you get used to it.

The upside is that the air pump has the structure inflated within minutes and to deflate it all you have to do is turn the pump off. This is therefore a very easy structure to assemble and disassemble…no fights with screwdrivers or worries about missing hardware. Your kit includes everything you need to get going. That is, an Inflatable Play Park, UL Approved Blower, Carry Case, Stakes and Instructions. All you might need as a possible extra is a few balls to turn it into a ball pit.


The Good Bits:
  • Higher maximum weight capacity than other similar models.
  • Bigger jumping area than other similar models.
  • Inflates and deflates within minutes.
  • Portable.
  • Easy to climb into for smaller kids.


The Bad Bits:
  • Slightly more expensive than similar models due to larger size and weight capacity.
  • Air pump can be a bit noisy.
  • Velcro on door could be a bit more secure.


What the Reviews Say:

Mainly excellent reviews on this one, with both parents and kids delighted with the quality, durability and fun factor with this model. Several reviewers stated that it was still going strong after a year of use. Most buyers happy with the larger size. However, a few reviewers stated that they were a bit disappointed as it seemed bigger in the pictures. However, the dimensions are all clearly stated in the advertising.

A small percentage of reviewers were unhappy with the quality of the product, stating that they experienced ripping and or tearing after only a short period of use, with less than satisfactory customer service from the manufacturers.


What We Say:

It is a bit more expensive than other similar models. However, with this you get a bigger size and more jumping room. If you think you’ll need the 5 person capacity then go for it. However, if your search for the best bounce house is just for your two or three little people in the back garden then the smaller models are just as fun and effective for less dollars.

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Cloud 9 Mini Crayon Bounce House – Inflatable Bouncing Jumper with Blower

Rated: 4.5 Stars

Item Dimensions: 12 x 9 x 7.5 Feet

Recommended age range: 36 months to 11 years

Product Weight: 51 pounds

Individual User Weight Limit: 100 pounds

Maximum Capacity: 300 pounds


About the Cloud 9 Mini Crayon Bounce House – Inflatable Bouncing Jumper with Blower:

Constructed from heavy duty, fire-resistant 420D and 600D Nylon, this brightly colored and fun crayon design from Cloud 9 will look awesome in your backyard and provide hours of entertainment for varying ages of kids, ranging from 3 to 9 or 10. There’s even some reports of teenagers getting some fun from this and, with an actual bounce area of 7’8” x 7’8” there’s plenty of space for everybody to practice their gymnastics.

The inflatable structure is fed by a constant air flow from a pump in order to maintain optimum inflation levels. While the pump can be a little bit noisy it’s definitely worth it for the massively reduced set-up and take-down times. You’ll have your best bounce house set up in a matter of minutes! You’ll be happy to know your kit comes with a UL-Listed Blower with grounded power cord and on/off switch for easy operation. The kit also includes an inflatable bouncer, repair kit, ground stake kit, blower, bouncer, handy nylon storage bag and instructions…not that you’ll need them that much!

The structure itself is very sturdy, puncture resistant and made from extremely heavy duty, fire resistant material.  Double and quadruple stitched for extra durability, you should get seasons of fun out of this fun design.


The Good Bits:
  • Easy set-up and take-down.
  • Suitable for multiple kids and even suitable for slightly older kids up to 12 or 13, in keeping with maximum weight capacity.
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors.
  • Nice closed in design and mesh netting makes if feel safe and cozy for smaller kids…and handy for throwing some plastic balls into. There’s always time for some ball pit fun!


The bad bits:
  • Slide is very small for any older kids wanting to play on it.
  • Sides are not very firm…more of a visual barrier but they still prevent some falls.
  • Plastic stakes included in the kit are flimsy.


What the Reviews Say:

Mainly great reviews on this one, saying it seems to be of great quality and sturdy material. All reviewers say that it can easily take the three kid maximum. However, worth noting that it’s better if the kids are all spread out and not bundled together or it does tend to collapse a little bit.

Although it’s not for commercial use, one reviewer said they used it for their preschool and it stood up to the challenge of a high traffic area and constant use by excitable kids.
All good reviews say it’s easy to assemble and take down again and is the perfect size for a backyard.

A couple of reviewers said that they experienced some weird staining on the material when it was delivered and a handful of reviewers said that the plastic stakes included in the kit weren’t up to the task, which we agree with.

Negative reviews are mainly about the size of the structure, saying it felt too small. However, these are in the minority and all dimensions are clearly stated before you buy.


What We Say:

It’s fun, it’s brightly colored and it’ll hold their attention. In general, we liked it. However, although the mini-crayon bounce house is constructed from heavy duty material, we did find the sides a bit flimsy for holding in littlies. That said, it’s great for throwing up to three kids into at any one time and, providing they spread out, it holds it’s shape and provides hours of bouncing fun. Plastic stakes included are indeed a little bit lightweight for the job they need to do. It’s not a massive extra cost to buy your own heavier duty ones but you shouldn’t have to.

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All in all, however, we liked this model and give it 4 out of 5 for smaller kids. If they’re bigger you might need to look for something with a bigger slide to find your best bounce house.


Bounceland Ultimate Combo Bounce House

Rated: 4.5 Stars

Item Dimensions: L12ft x W10ft x H8ft

Recommended age range: 2 to 10 years.

Product Weight: 65 pounds

Individual User Weight Limit: 100 pounds

Maximum Capacity: 400 pounds


About the Bounceland Ultimate Combo Bounce House:

Wow! Heaps going on with this one and we love it. Compared to your average best bounce house, it’s definitely a few notches up in the fun department and worth the few extra dollars for the added entertainment. The design is fun, interesting and has lots of different components to hold littlies attention and keep them outside and having fun for hours! They won’t even know they’re exercising!

This structure is made up of a bounce area, a ball pit (including 30 piece ball set), a climbing area, tunnels, basketball hoops, a slide and various obstacles for adding an extra dimension to the play time fun. With a total jumping area of 6’ x 5.5’, together with all the other areas to play on, there’s plenty of room for everybody to stretch their legs and get jumping.

This best bounce house from Bounceland is constructed of heavy duty, PVC coated Terylene and Laminated Oxford Terylene, double and quadruple stitched to provide durability to your product. Large pillars form the perimeter of the bounce house to keep the structure strong and sturdy. This, together with the constant supply of airflow, ensures maximum safety and comfort during playtime.

Your kit includes: Inflatable structure, 9” stakes, UL certified blower, carry bag, basketball hoop, plastic balls, repair kit and instructions.


The Good Bits:
  • Higher maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds.
  • Diverse range of activites to entertain kiddies, including ball pits, slides, tunnels and more.
  • Includes balls for ball pit.
  • Inflates (and deflates) in minutes.
  • Constant air flow ensures optimum inflation levels throughout play.
  • Ready to use in minutes (and deflates just as fast!)
  • Detachable velcro sun shade for bounce area.


The Bad Bits:
  • Air blower can be noisy.
  • Higher price range.
  • Edge of bottom of the slide can give way sometimes and kids can topple off the side if they’re going super fast..only a couple of inches of a fall though!
  • Smaller bounce area due to divide for ball pit.


What the Reviews Say:

Plenty of great reviews and happy customers with this one. Multiple reviewers have specifically said that, even after 2 or 3 years of heavy use from multiple kids, the structure is still going strong and it’s still a family favorite. Similar to other models, the stakes that come included in the kit don’t seem to be very strong and you may need to buy your own. Reviews have described the structure as good quality, well made and sturdy even in windy conditions.

Several buyers are disappointed with the size of the bounce area and describe it as too small. This is due to the permanent divider in the middle to separate the ball pit from the bounce area. As there is so many accessories and extras with this model, it will mean compromise on other areas so decide what your priorities are before purchase.

Buyers with younger kids are very happy with the size of the slide, the climbing wall and the whole structure in general as there’s so many activities to entertain younger kids. However, buyers with older kids advise that the age range is a bit too generous and it’s not really suitable for ages 8 and up. I guess that depends on the individual child though.

A few complaints about bounce balls falling out due to lack of netting under the slide entrance. Not a biggie but annoying all the same and a possible design flaw.


What We Say:

I guess it depends what your priorities are. If you’re kids are at the higher end of the recommended age range and you’re looking mainly for a larger jumping area in your best bounce house and don’t need the extras like the slide and tunnel then this probably isn’t for you. In this case, you’re probably better off looking for something with a bigger bounce area and less extras.

If, however, your kids are at the younger end of the recommended age range then this is awesome (with a capital A!). It really is a great design and a compact way of squeezing an entire fun park into your backyard. Littlies won’t be disappointed with this and it should offer multiple years of healthy family fun.

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4 Stars from us!


Intex Jump O Lene Castle Inflatable Bouncer, for Ages 3-6

Rated: 4 Stars

Item Dimensions: 69L x 69W x 53H Inches

Recommended age range: 2 to 6 years.

Product Weight: 35 Ounces

Maximum Capacity: 120 Pounds

Individual User Weight: 60 Pounds


About the Intex Jump O Lene Castle Inflatable Bouncer, for Ages 3-6:

Stretch your toddlers imagination to the limits with this brightly colored, fun castle design from Intex. An economical, lighter weight and ideal choice for a best bounce house for your little monkey. Perfect if they’re not quite ready to explore the heavier-duty bigger bouncy castles but still want some bouncing fun! Suitable for indoors, this model is ideal and safe fun for the colder winter months or to let your toddler build their climbing and jumping confidence up in a safe and secure environment. It’s suitable for up to 2 kids too so less squabbles and more fun all round!

Constructed from thick, hypoallergenic PVC, this model is both strong, durable and safe for kids with certain allergies. It’s easy wipe surface means it’s easy to keep clean and hygienic and a soft, cushiony base keeps it all squishy and means no bumps, bruises or tears as they jump and crawl. This fun castle setting with a crawl through door will set their imaginations on fire as they use it for jumping fun or a fortress, or even a ball pit! And the great thing about this indoor toy is it deflates into a compact size for handy storage, meaning you get your lounge room back at the end of the day! Yeeay!


The Good Bits:
  • An economical choice for buyers with younger kids.
  • Suitable for indoors or outdoors. However, we wouldn’t recommend leaving it outdoors for lengthened periods of time.
  • Fun, simple design with high walls to keep your little one safe.
  • Great size and suitable for multiple kids at once.


The Bad Bits:
  • Kit doesn’t include air pump so you’ll need to buy that separately.
  • Restricted to a younger age range. Probably suitable for up to 4 years old but not much older.
  • Takes up a lot of space in your lounge room.


What the Reviews Say:

Well, mixed reviews on this one with about 50% smiley faces and the other 50% not so smiley. The not-so-happy reviews are based mainly on leaks and rips and an almost new product. Multiple buyers stated that, although the design is great and their kids loved it, it only lasted a very short while before they experienced multiple air leaks or ripping at the seams. The reports of their experience with customer service in this instance aren’t great either.

However, there are also multiple reviews of a more satisfied nature, describing the product as a great size, of great quality, strong and sturdy and a brilliant design. A few reviewers said they even used for their 2 year old’s birthday party and it stood up to the test.


What We Say:

Well it’s definitely lighter weight and less durable than it’s heavier duty, more expensive cousins but it’s a much smaller investment and it’s only recommended for indoor use really. It’s definitely for a younger age range and use would definitely be limited after the age of 4. However, it is a great design for smaller kids and they’ll love it. With regards to the quality and longevity of the product, the reviews do seem to be mixed and split right down the middle on this one. We experienced to problems with air leakage or tearing and we had it up for several months in our lounge room with two little monkeys making good use of it.

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We’ll give this 2.5 Stars due to the mixed reviews on product quality. This is a shame as it’s a great design at a great price.


My Bouncer Little Castle 88”

Rated: 4.5 Stars

Item Dimensions: 88”L x 118”W x 72”H

Recommended age range: 3 to 10 Years.

Product Weight: 31 Pounds

Maximum Capacity: 150 Pounds

Individual User Capacity: 75 Pounds


About the My Bouncer Little Castle 88”:

This is a great middle-of-the-range investment for maximum fun from a best bounce house. This model from My Bouncer includes Bounce House Bopper with built in ball pit, hoop and step. Warning…a large floor space area is required for this one if you’re inflating it indoors!

Constructed from puncture resistant nylon with a rubber backing to maximise air retention, this model should offer heaps of fun for the whole family! Your kit will include a UL Listed Low Noise Blower, a handy carry bag, ground stakes, weight bags for indoor use, a repair kit, instructions and, of course, the inflatable structure itself.
Manufacturers are fairly specific on this one to purchase the larger 3” plastic balls for the ball pit and not the 2.5” balls…as apparently they’re too small and you’ll be all day filling it! Anyway, just a handy hint there.  


The Good Bits:
  • Inflates in minutes.
  • Large bounce area of 50” x 50”
  • Surrounded by safety netting to prevent falls.
  • No weight limit on ball pit area so bored Mums and Dads can climb on in there and enjoy the fun too…awesome!
  • Comes in a handy carry bag for easy storage.


The Bad Bits:
  • Plastic balls for ball pit must be bought separately.
  • Air blower can be a bit noisy when being used indoors.
  • Very large indoor floor space required for set-up.
  • No cushioning under ball pit area. However, this does mean there’s no weight limit so the grown-ups can get it too.


What the Reviews Say:

Mainly excellent reviews on this one and it seems to be a very popular product. Reviewers love the easy set-up and handy storage bag and multiple reviews state that they’ve had it for many months, or even years, and it’s still going strong.

A few negative complaints saying that they were disappointed in the size of it or that the air blower was a bit too noisy. However, dimensions are clearly advertised before you purchase and, as with all similar models that require a continuous air flow, there will be some noise from the air blower. This does mean very quick inflation and deflation though so I guess you have to decide which makes you happier!

Several reviewers that did feel the need to make a complaint have advised their their experience of customer service with the manufacturer wasn’t great and it did sour the whole experience for them.


What We Say:

It’s a great size and, by most accounts, a great and high quality product. The only downside, which is also an upside, is that it is very large and does require a lot of spare floor space for use indoors. However, if you got the floor space going begging then go for it. You won’t be disappointed and your kids won’t be disappointed. It’s a nice touch that adults can get into the ball pit and join in some of the fun as we usually get left out!

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4.5 Stars from us!


Cloud 9 Mighty Bounce House – Inflatable Bouncing Jump and Slide with Air Blower

Rated: 4.5 Stars

Item Dimensions: 12’ x 8’8” x 6’8”.

Recommended age range: 3 to 10 Years.

Product Weight: 31 Pounds

Maximum Capacity: 300 Pounds

Individual User Capacity: 100 Pounds


About the Cloud 9 Mighty Bounce House – Inflatable Bouncing Jump and Slide with Air Blower:

This is a nice middle-of-the-range model from Cloud 9. The fun castle design and bright colors make it a big hit with the kids and a good investment for your family’s entertainment and health. Constructed from fire resistant and puncture resistant 420D Nylon, this model is extremely tough and hard wearing.  It is double and quadruple stitched for added strength and quality.

Kit includes: Inflatable Bouncer, Repair Kit, Ground Stake Kit and UL Listed Blower.

Large mesh windows all around the edges mean parents can keep an eye on their little ones as they jump and play.


The Good Bits:
  • Handy side entrance / exit with Velcro for easy access.
  • Inflates in under a minute.
  • Slightly smaller size to suit younger kids.
  • Slide is wide and shallow for younger kids.


The Bad Bits:
  • No extras such as taller slide for bigger kids or ball pit area.
  • Air blower can be a bit noisy when using it indoors.
  • Slide is quite shallow for bigger kids.


What the Reviews Say:

Mainly excellent reviews on this one with the majority of buyers delighted with the product. Many stated that they’ve had if for a few months or even a few years now and it’s still going strong and the kids love it.

One or two negative reviews that had problems with the air blower and didn’t receive great customer service. Also a couple of reviewers were disappointed as it was smaller than they were expecting.


What We Say:

It’s a nice simple, fun design. There’s no extras but, if you’re looking for a best bounce house, this one is great for the price you’re paying. The bounce area is nice and big as there’s no slides or ball pits getting in the way. It’s suitable for a nice large age range from toddlers up to 8 or 9. Multiple kids can be entertained on it at once which is always a bonus and, with it’s easy set up and take down, it’s ideal entertainment for your family.

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4 Stars from Us!


Wrapping Up:

Plenty of great models and designs out there if you’re looking for your best bounce house. It really is up to the individual whether they prefer a simple design with no extras. Or something with a few more accessories.  We don’t really have a favorite on this one as they’re all so different. However, if I was pushed I’d have to say I really love Bounceland’s Ultimate Combo Bounce House. As I’m a sucker for twisty slides and crawl through tunnels! Happy shopping and happy jumping!