Trampoline Mat Replacement guide

So you’re all set up with your trampoline. It’s been installed for months, the kids are loving it, endless hours are spent burning up energy and building up confidence, strength and coordination. Then one sad day the jump mat breaks and you need a trampoline mat replacement. Oh nooo! What to do?

Well, many trampoline companies offer a warranty. This is usually anything from 90 days to 6 months, so if you’re in this time frame your mat should be replaced free of charge and hassle free…Awesome! If you’re outside this time frame then it’s time to go shopping. There’s heaps of different products out there to choose from so the question is which trampoline mat replacement to go for. We’ve picked out a few trusted products to have a look at and see what might suit your needs best. Things to take into consideration are size (obviously), shape, quality of product and whether it is suited to your particular trampoline frame.

Trampoline Mat Replacement measurements

So how to measure your mat to make sure you pick the right size trampoline mat replacement?

Step 1: Measure the frame diameter, not the mat, from end-to-end. Be precise and have somebody help you if you think you need it.

Step 2: Count your V-Rings. This should match the number of springs you have. Make sure to include any missing springs or V-Rings that should be there in your count.

Step 3: Measure your springs (unstretched), from hook end to hook end.

Step 4: Go online and order your trampoline mat replacement!

SkyBound Replacement Trampoline Mat with Free Spring Tool

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Rated: 4.7 Stars

Stitching Rows: 6

V-Ring Gauge: 4.4mm

Warranty: 2 Years

Spring Tool Included (but)

Product Weight: 12 pounds

About the SkyBound Replacement Trampoline Mat with Free Spring Tool:

Available in sizes ranging from 8ft diameter to 15ft diameter, with various different sizing options available to match specific spring sizes of your current trampoline model, ranging from 4” springs to 7” springs. This Skybound Trampoline Mat is of superior quality and comes with an amazing 2 year warranty and an easy return policy to back up their product.

Skybound Trampoline Mats are made with an additional row of stitching, as this is usually the first thing to go on a standard trampoline mat. Therefore, the lifespan of the mat is increased massively as the V-rings will stay snug and secure for longer.

In addition to this, the V-rings themselves are made of thicker, stronger steel than the average mat available on the market, meaning they last longer and can stand up to as much vigorous jumping as you like!

All Skybound Trampoline Mats are made from a heavy duty permatron construction (whatever that is…it sounds very fancy!) and coated with an anti-microbial and anti-bacterial substance to keep any nasty germs away and protect the health and safety of your family. Mind you, a few nights in a cold frost will kill anything growing on your trampoline that shouldn’t be anyway!

The Good Bits:
  • Extra row of stitching.
  • Thicker V-Rings than standard.
  • Includes spring tool.
  • Good Warranty…2 years.
The Bad Bits:
  • Quite slick and slippery when it’s new…may need to wear socks for a while until it gets a bit scuffed!

What the Reviews Say:

Mainly good reviews saying that the customer service is great from this company the trampoline mat replacement they bought seems to be better than the original they had. Many state that the free spring tool included is very handy and installation of the replacement trampoline mat is fairly easy and low stress.

A few less positive reviews in the minority stating that, after about 18 months, the V-Rings started to come away, rendering the mat unusable.

What We Say:

First of all make sure you size your mat correctly as if it’s too small it won’t stretch or will be likely to overstretch the V-Rings, meaning too much tension and a shortened life span as the V-Rings will inevitably break away sooner. If it is too big there’ll be less bounce and it just won’t work as well.
The product itself seems to be of good quality and you can expect it to last 18 months to 2 years with regular use. For the price you pay this is a good investment.

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Great quality, great customer service…4.5 Stars from us!

SkyBound Premium Replacement Trampoline Mat

Rated: 4.8 Stars

Stitching Rows: 10

V-Ring Gauge: 5mm

Warranty: 3 Years

Spring Tool Included (but)

Product Weight: 12 pounds

About the SkyBound Premium Replacement Trampoline Mat:

Another trampoline mat replacement product from Skybound, this one also comes in sizes ranging from 8 foot to 15 foot in diameter, with separate sizing for the springs to ensure you get the best match for your trampoline frame.

The Premium Series Mats take things up a notch with a 3 year warranty on the stitching and a 5-year warranty on the mat. Designed with long-term weather proofing in mind, the premium mat comes coated with a special UV Protective Sunguard feature, focused particularly around the areas of stitching, which tend to degrade quickest from the harsh rays of the sun. This, therefore protects the strength and integrity of the mat’s fabric and stitching, ensuring it is able to hold up against the rigourous jumping of your family for many years.

In addition to this, the premium mat comes with heavy duty, thick steel V-Rings and 10 Rows of Heavily Reinforced Stitching to protect against fraying fabric and spring breakages, increasing the life expectancy of this premium trampoline mat replacement by up to twice than of a standard mat.

The Good Bits:
  • Spring tool included.
  • Sunguard UV Protective layer protects material and stitching from harsh rays of the sun.
  • 10 Rows of stitching, as opposed to the standard 6.
The Bad Bits:
  • Possibly a bit stiff and less bounce when it’s new. However, it seems to “settle in” and bounce improves over time..

What the Reviews Say:

Again, similar to the previous Skybound product, this premium trampoline mat replacement gets mainly great reviews, saying that the mat has great bounce, the product was delivered quickly and it was very easy to install with the free spring tool included.

A couple of buyers a bit less enthusiastic, stating that the product seemed flimsy and not worth the extra investment.

However, 98% great reviews…that’s good enough for us!

What We Say:

Again, like the previous product, any less positive reviews seem to be focused on wrong sizing or incorrect delivery, which seems to be very much the exception rather than the rule with this company. For the extra investment you should expect a good few years out of this product and, as it has a 3 year warranty, that’s plenty of jumping time!

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4.8 Stars from us!

Upper Bounce Trampoline Replacement Jumping Mat

Upper Bounce Replacement Jumping Mat, Fits 15 ft Round Trampoline Frame with 96 V-Hooks, Using 7" Springs
  • Unlimited Fun: Our anti-slip and anti-static trampoline replacement mat is ideal for various jumping...
  • Superior Quality: Bounce with confidence. Our jumping mat is created from high quality premium PP...
  • Size Info: This replacement trampoline mat fits 15 ft round trampoline with 96 v-hooks, using 7"...
  • Durability and Longevity: This UV-resistant, water and fade resistant trampoline mat is capable of...
  • Multiple Brands Compatibility: This Upper Bounce trampoline jumping mat is also compatible with...

Rated: 4 Stars

Stitching Rows: 8

V Loops: 80

About the Upper Bounce Trampoline Replacement Jumping Mat:

Made from heavy duty Premium Polyproylene material, this trampoline mat replacement from Upper Bounce is designed to fit all makes and models of trampoline frame. Available in various sizings to fit frames ranging from 7.5 feet to 16 feet in diameter, and with varying amounts of V-Rings attachments and sizing to match different spring sizes.

Eight rows of stitching and UV and weather resistant material ensure extra durability and strength, therefore resulting in a longer lasting product with plenty of bounce.

The Good Bits:
  • Extra rows of stitching for extra durability.
  • UV and weather resistant.
The Bad Bits:
  • No Spring Tool included so assembly a bit more difficult.
  • A little less bouncy than other mats

What the Reviews Say:

Generally good reviews. However, several buyers state that the mat is a little stretchier than other brands, which compromises on bounce a little bit. A couple of reports stating the the steel V-rings give out after about a year. However, these are easily replaceable. Expect about 2 years from the mat itself. Missed the included spring tool made assembly alot harder.


What We Say:

This is a good product for the price you’re paying as it is a few bucks less than other brands reviewed. Expect to get about 2 years out of it and you won’t be disappointed. It is a bit softer and stretchier than other brands so there’s a little bit less bounce for your buck, but all in all a good economy product and will definitely revive your old trampoline and get them jumping again.

3.5 Stars from us!

Extra things to consider:

So you got your trampoline frame, you got your trampoline mat replacement, you got the nice weather and you got the time of work and you’re ready to get stuck in and revive the steel frame dinosaur that’s been sitting in the garden unloved and forgotten about all winter. But before you get stuck in check these two items to make your life a whole lot easier and make your trampoline mat replacement attempt a matter of hours rather than a full weekend of DIY hell!

Upper Bounce Trampoline Spring Pull Tool (T-Hook):

Upper Bounce Trampoline Spring Pull Tool, Heavy-Duty
  • T-HOOK : This amazing tool helps you get the spring into the trampoline frame Easily and Quick when...

Very useful and very inexpensive, it’s definitely worth getting your hands on one of these. Included free with some brands, Upper Bounce like to sell theirs separately. However, as its only a few dollars I’m sure it won’t break the bank. This Spring Pull Tool, or T-Hook as its also called, helps slide the springs into the trampoline frame a whole lot easier, saving you a lot of time and sweat. Do check first though as very often this tool is included with your trampoline mat replacement pack.

Mainly good reviews with this one. A couple of unhappy customers stating that it seemed to break after only one or two uses. Others stating that they couldn’t have made do without it.

Personally, we think it’s worth the few bucks extra and hey, even if one is included in your replacement mat purchase, buy a second and put the kids to work!

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UpperBounce Super Round Trampoline Safety Pad

Upper Bounce Trampoline Pad - Trampoline Spring Cover - Trampoline Replacement Safety Pad for Round Trampolines Fits 12 Ft Round Trampoline Frame - Blue
  • Safety and Compatibility: Enhance the safety of your trampoline with our top of the line premium...
  • Durable Quality: Our trampoline spring cover has a UV resistant, anti-fungal/bacterial, cold weather...
  • Lightweight and Portable: Our trampoline safety pad is lightweight, easy to carry around and...
  • Size Info: Our trampoline spring cover is composed of 310g PVC on top, 130g PE on bottom and has...
  • Easy Installation: Our superior quality trampoline pad requires only a couple of hands to be...

Rated: 4 Stars

Dimensions: 37 x 13 x 5 inches

Item Weight: 6 pounds

About the UpperBounce Super Round Trampoline Safety Pad:

Tidy up the edge of your trampoline and cover any hard steel frame edges with this trampoline safety pad from UpperBounce. Available in three colors and a range of sizes from 7.5 feet to 16 feet diameter , this trampoline safety pad is a must when installing your trampoline mat replacement. Made from high quality materials and super strong, it is constructed from 310g PVC on top, 130g PE underneath and a half inch of foam padding in the middle. It is therefore a strong, durable and vital safety feature as you revive your old trampoline.

With it’s closed cell foam construction, it is also highly weather resistant and will not absorb water or create mildew.

Upper Bounce also offers this safety pad to fit rectangle, square and oval trampolines. It is easy to attach to the edge of your trampoline with durable double rubber ties, ensuring protection for both your trampoline from the elements and your kids from bumps and falls.

The Good Bits:
  • Very shock absorbent, therefore offering maximum protection to your little jumpers.
  • Weather and UV-resistant.
  • Available in range of colors, shapes and sizes.
The Bad Bits:

What the Reviews Say:

Overall good reviews for this product, stating that it provides good thick coverage and protection from trampoline springs and hard edges. Reviewers say that it is very easy to install as well as remove again later if you need to, making it a great addition to any trampoline mat replacement purchase.

A few reviewers state that they found it fitted incorrectly and started to degrade after about a year.

What We Say:

Simple and effective product with a lifespan of about a year. This is an important extra feature on any trampoline to protect both the trampoline and extend its lifespan, and to protect your family from bumps and falls. Easy to install and remove and definitely worth the small investment for extra peace of mind. 3.5 Stars from us!

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Skybound Trampoline Pads

SkyBound 14 Foot Blue Trampoline Safety Pad - Spring Cover Fits Up to 7 Inch Springs - Standard
  • This pad is designed to fit 14 foot trampolines with a maximum spring length of 7 inches
  • Greatly reduces the risk of jumper injury by completely covering your trampoline's steel springs and...
  • SkyBound safety pads are made with a soft, weather-resistant outer fabric and a heavy duty tear...
  • The UV resistant outer layer shell is manufactured with high density PVC on top and heavy duty PE on...
  • Sized to fit or replace pads for Skywalker, JumpKing, BouncePro, and other trampolines.

About the Skybound Trampoline Pads:

A second option here for your trampoline safety pad to surround the edge of the trampoline and keep your little jumpers safe from bumps and bruises. Similar to product one, the outer shell is made from high-density PVC, with PE underneath and a half inch of thick, closed cell EPE foam inside for maximum protection and shock absorbency. UV resistant and available in a range of sizes to meet your requirements, this is an important accessory for any trampoline.

The Good Bits:
  • UV resistant.
  • Thick foam padding protects users from trampoline springs and steel frame.
The Bad Bits:
  • A bit difficult to install and remove.

What the Reviews Say:

Mainly good reviews on this one, stating that the product is of good quality with thick, functional padding. Several reviewers are unhappy with the fit. Stating that it is either too loose and doesn’t attach properly, or too small and doesn’t fit. However, there is a large range of sizes to remedy this problem.

What We Say:

A good product at a good price and a vital accessory to any trampoline upgrade. Not only does it protect the user from the hard edges and springs of the trampoline. But it also protects the springs and stitching from the weather and extends the lifespan of the product. A bit more awkward to install than the previous product reviewed. All in all, a good product to include in your trampoline mat replacement.

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