Best power tower-Free standing pull up bar

It’s not always easy to get to the gym. You’re busy with work and other commitments and you haven’t got time get to and from the gym. If this is you then like me you probably workout at home. Of course, you can’t have an entire set of gym equipment in your house so you need to be clever. If bodyweight training is no longer enough to challenge you then a power tower is an awesome addition to your home workout equipment

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One of the things I find I struggle with training at home is the lack of a full squat rack or dumbbell set. Particularly when it comes to back exercises I try and be inventive but there is only so much you can do without equipment. I was considering purchasing a dip bar or a free standing pull up bar or some kind of pull up station.

The Power Tower solution

While I was looking into the options I came across a power tower. You have probably seen one or something very like it in your local gym. They combine the features of a free standing pull up bar with a dip bar and a bunch of other stuff too.

One important thing I really like about a power tower as a home workout solution is they don’t take up too much space. Also, unlike other exercise machines for home use, there are very few moving parts. This is great as there is almost nothing that can break or go missing. No costly repairs or trying to find the weight stack pin.

Now if you are sitting there and thinking but is a power tower workout really going to challenge me? I’ve got news for you, it really is. I came up with my own homegrown power tower workout and it’s tough. By mixing up a healthy combo of pull ups, dips, some challenging tricep exercises and some hanging leg raises I hit it hard.

If you do the same you will feel like you have spent an hour at the gym hitting the squat rack and weight bench. When I’m done my tower sits neatly in the corner and doesn’t look too out of place. I have to admit I hang my gym clothes on it to dry after my workouts. I’m sure it’s not recommended by the manufacturer but hey it works!

Which is the best power tower for you?

While most of the models available are essentially the same there are some differences. The pricing for most models ranges from around $80 up to $200 so it’s important to look at what features you are getting for your money.

Some of them also come with add-ons and extras which you may or may not need. My advice is to keep it simple and choose something that is built well. Quality over quantity here is important. Don’t bother with something with a host of extra parts you will never use.

So with that said here are my top picks for you to consider:

Stamina 1690 Power Tower

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I’m starting with the Stamina 1690 power tower as its the cheapest in the list. Don’t let the pricing fool you though. While it does have a lower weight capacity than some of its competitors at just 250 pounds it has a lot to offer.

First up full disclosure. This is my top pick from the list and not just because it’s the cheapest pull-up tower. I don’t have a lot of space at home for equipment. This model is nice and neat with a footprint of just 50 inches by 41.5 inches. It also only weighs 54 pounds.

Stamina 1690 power tower- quick video guide
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This made it super easy to move around and to keep out of the way when not in use. While this might make you think it is not robust enough for your workout I disagree. Sure it can sometimes move a little when you are using it but it works. Some people may not like the movement in the frame but I have never had a problem with it yet.

I like the foam hand grips and the non-slip end caps which are great. If you looking for a good budget option then this is it.

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Weider Power Tower

If you have ever looked into buying any home fitness equipment especially strength equipment then you know who Weider are. They are a very large fitness equipment manufacturer and are well known for producing quality products.

The first thing that stands out about the Weider power tower is the size and weight. It’s bigger than the Stamina 1690 we already looked at. It’s also almost twice as heavy at 94 pounds. This is a good and a bad thing. The extra weight does make it a lot sturdier which helps with the movement issue I mentioned for the Stamina model. However, the additional weight and larger footprint does make it a little too big for some people’s workout space.

Weider power tower- quick video guide
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The additional feature of a designated knee raise station is a nice extra to have. It is especially useful if you are just getting started and hanging knee raised are too difficult.

Overall its a quality product with great features and the pricing is pretty good too. Although it is almost twice the price of the Stamina 1690.

The only major complaint seems to be that a lot of people have issues with assembling it as the instructions are not very clear. If you are ok with home assembly you should be fine.

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Bowflex BodyTower

Just like Weider, Bowflex are well know for producing high-quality home workout equipment. They are also known for cramming a lot of extra features into their products. So with that said it will probably come as no surprise that the Bowflex bodytower is the most expensive option in our list.

So what do you get for the extra money? Well, there are quite a few nifty features. Out of all of the towers in the list, it is definitely the most versatile. Almost everything is fully adjustable. For example, the bars that structure the dip station can be moved higher or lower. This allows for different strength levels and a lot more exercises such as incline and decline options.

This makes it great for beginners who need to complete an assisted style dip or pushup. It also gives the more experienced user a broader range of exercise options. So it’s a win-win there.

Bowflex bodytower- quick video guide
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While you might think they look at little odd the bowflex bodytower comes with sling straps. These can really help when doing a hanging type exercise such as hanging leg or knee raises. The provide an extra bit of security for those who need help with grip strength. Allowing you to concentrate on the exercise itself. A nice option to have.

This is more of a commercial level machine. It’s much heavier at 120 pounds and provides lots of additional options. If you want the additional features it’s a good buy and a well-liked tower. One thing to look out for is the height. It’s quite a bit shorter than the others on the list. So if you are very tall you may want to leave this one out.

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Gold’s gym power tower

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Gold’s gym needs no introduction. As the world famous gym and fitness group are well known for having awesome gyms across the US and being a favorite for bodybuilders. You may not know, however, that they also product home workout equipment. So do they deliver the same quality at home as they do in their gyms? Let’s find out.

Gold’s gym power tower- quick video guide
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The gold’s gym power tower is quite like the Weider option we already looked at. It comes in at 95 pounds and is pretty sturdy. It has the same features as the Weider with a designated dip bar and is quite sturdy. Pricing is not bad so overall it’s a reasonable choice.

Assembly is easy and it is backed by a good warranty. A solid choice for the home user.

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