Best Suspension Trainer: Your Ultimate guide

There are many types of suspension trainer available. Some are better than others. But which is the best suspension trainer for you? Before going into that, let’s look at some information on Suspension training.

What is Suspension Training?

Suspension training is a form of resistance exercise in which your own body weight is used to create resistance. Different kinds of multiplanar exercise and compound exercise movements can be done by using a suspension trainer. When done regularly this will help you to progressively improve your strength, flexibility, balance and joint stability. All without using any dumbbell’s or visiting a gym. By following the highly effective movement patterns, suspension training gives you a total body workout which can be done just about anywhere.

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Today’s suspension training was known as “The Rope Training” in 1880s. A student of Stanford who graduated with an MBA who also happened to be a Former Navy Seal upgraded The Total Resistance Exercise equipment which we is now known to us as TRX. He also added The Suspension Training Body Weight Exercises in 1990s and started marketing it in 2005.

In the meantime, a former soccer player from Chile named Kurt Dasbach, found out an ancient Andean conditioning system in which the Rope can be used to effectively create resistance. Kurt named his product “Inkaflexx” around the same time.

But unfortunately Kurt could not stay in the race and he had to close his shop. But TRX really took off and became a global brand. They grew to revenues of $60 million per year.

In 2008, ex Bristol City F.C fitness training team Mark Hammond and Pete Faulkner made the FK Pro Two Strap System. In 2009 in Italy, the first TRX technical manual was written by Fabio Martella, an MMA coach.

The evolution of TRX continued.

best suspension trainer

How do I decide?

In the fitness industry, every year different kinds of suspension trainers get launched by different brands. When you want a suspension trainer, you will do some research and you will literally get bombarded with information and be left confused. Generally you will be left with questions “which one to buy?” or “which one is the best suspension trainer?”

To help you with this confusion, we have chosen six of the  best suspension trainers on the market so that you can find the best suspension trainer for you. For each type of  trainer we have reviewed there price, pros and cons and general info.

We have also given some guidelines on how to use them and how you can easily train yourselves anywhere to maintain your fitness and stay injury and strain free.

After the invention of the TRX brand, many other companies have thrown their names into a competitive market.  Some of them started their business with major innovative differences by improving the products while others just copied the basic system and generally didn’t do very well.

best suspension trainer

Which is the best suspension trainer ?

Among all of these companies the seven below make the best suspension trainer products:

  1. CoreX Club Bodyweight Suspension Strap Trainer
  2. TRX Suspension Trainer
  3. Lifeline Jungle Gym XT
  4. The Human Trainer Essential Kit Pro
  5. Woss 3000 Equalizer Trainer
  6. Rip 60
  7. CrossCore 180 Rotational Bodyweight Trainer


Continue reading below to learn more about each of the trainers and kickstart your daily home fitness training.

CoreX Club Bodyweight Suspension Strap Trainer

best suspension trainer
The Corex Club Bodyweight Suspension Strap Trainer is designed for fitness clubs, personal trainers and professionals. The handles cannot be removed and for that reason you have to be aware of initial placement when you install it. If you pick a spot for it, it will need to remain there permanently. You can’t take it with you or move it easily so that is a major consideration.
It is however very strong and long lasting. Biomechanically engineered steel heads reduce the angle of  the workout which allows you to put less strain on joints and connective tissue.
As it is not to costly you can purchase it at a reasonable price. You can also get online video support and a professional bodyweight training book.


1. Not to expensive. Price starts at $74.95
2. Once set it up, you don’t have to think about it again.
3. It reduces strain on your joints


1. Once you set it up, it cannot be moved.
2. Not designed for the beginners.

Some Information about Corex:

The Corex Club Bodyweight Suspension Trainer is a product of Corex Sports Corporation, South Korea. This Company was founded in 1986.

TRX Suspension Trainer

best suspension trainer
The journey of TRX started in 2005. From then until now, this company has earned its popularity and also earned billions of dollars. If you are tired of trying all sorts of equipment to try to get your full body workout, you need to try the TRX. This is originally designed for the professionals so it’s a high quality product. But it has a the advantage that it can be carried wherever or whenever you like as it is portable, small and the weight is just 1.4 pounds. The TRX is a highly durable suspension trainer.
Chris Frankel, head of human performance at TRX said, “TRX trains for reactive stability”.
Remember one thing! There is no need to use weights to build up your muscle tone. A suspension trainer uses you body weight from various angles so that you can sculpt an attractive and good looking shape and figure.


Durable, lightweight, designed for both indoor and outdoor using, portable.


Expensive as the price starts at $149.99

Lifeline Jungle Gym XT Suspension Trainer

best suspension trainer
This suspension trainer is fairly similar to the TRX. But the main difference is in price.
The price of Lifeline USA Jungle Gym XT Suspension Trainer starts at just $100.
It is designed for beginners right up to professional athletes. A split anchor design is featured which allows users to easily adjust the forces on the body by changing the width of the system. You can also carry it with you and start wherever you like as it is lightweight and portable just like the TRX. It is a great suspension trainer for full body workout.


1.It is durable, long lasting and fashionable.
2.Foot Cradles.
3.Non scuff door anchor
4.Featured split design which allows user to use each strap from different angles.
5.It can be moved and placed nearly anywhere you like.
6.You can manually change the angle and position to make your exercise level more difficult or easy depending on your fitness level.


1.As it comes with many extra features, the price is also higher and starts at $100. (although this is cheaper than the TRX)
2.Adjusting the strap is not so easy for beginners. You will have to learn how to adjust the straps effectively.

You may also like to know:

Lifeline International, Inc. doing trading as LifelineUSA, develops training tools for bodyweight, progressive variable resistance, functional training, recovery, athletic training, and yoga applications. It mostly sells its products online. The company was founded in 1973 and is based in Madison, Wisconsin
You’ll have everything you need in the box of the lifeline jungle gym XT to start your total body workout. There are also few official accessories you may like to try to make the most of this product.

Wall Mount

If you are looking for a way to fasten your straps to the ceiling or wall in a permanent position then this accessory will help you. Wall mount can be easily and securely fixed to any kind of strong fixture. When it is secured, you can easily clip on your straps just before your work-out and then it can be easily unclipped when you are done.

Strap Extenders

This is designed to work with this set of suspension straps. The original strap that comes with the box of lifeline USA jungle gym XT is 8 feet long. The official strap extenders are also 8 feet long which allows you to double the length to 16 feet and make your workout more challenging or train outside by fixing to a tree or other structure.

Heavy Duty Door Attachment

This is designed to allow you a safe and secure workout by using the door as an anchor point. If you a tour freak then this would be an ideal product for you. Where you don’t have access to any other anchor points to attach your trainer you can rely on this product to get your workout done.

The Human Trainer Essential Kit Pro

best suspension trainer
The Human trainer essential kit pro is an expensive, popular and above all a highly effective suspension trainer. It is designed for beginners through to the professional athlete. For the beginners, it features dynamic angled resistance which allows you to lift the minimum or maximum weight of your body. Shifting body weight, the difficulty level for each exercise can be adjusted. By increasing the Dynamic Resistance made of Elastic Straps, the user can experiment with advanced movements and exercises.

The Human Trainer is constructed with high-grade, industrial- strength materials.
It is constructed for durability and reliability. It is designed lift up to 1200 lbs.
Users will also get a warranty of 2 years limited replacement.

The Human Trainer features the Modular Clipping System which allows you to switch between certain exercises rapidly and effortlessly. These multiple, clip option allows you to work out even if you are in a small room. It allows you to exercise in a minimum space of 5 feet wide and 7 feet in length.
Overall The Human Trainer is the one suspension trainer that everyone would need. But with all the benefits the price is also high and it starts at $189.99
If you can afford it then this awesome product from Canada is highly recommended.


1. Flexibility- tons of exercise variation can be put into your program.
2. Strong and highly durable
3. Designed for everyone
4. Versatility
5. Portable
6. 2 Years warranty


1. Expensive

Woss 3000 Equalizer Trainer

best suspension trainer
Like The TRX, the WOSS 3000 equalizer trainer is also a high quality suspension trainer system. It is designed and manufactured mainly in USA. It is affordable, durable and designed for both beginner and professional use.
Buying it, you will have three attachment systems- cam buckle strap, 3/16’’ Lark’s knot door anchor and double loop strap. The purpose of cam buckle is to adjust the length of workout straps to the height of user and also the height of what it’s attached to. It takes less than a minute to set up a WOSS 300 and start working out.

The best part is, it can be attach to any vertical or horizontal structure and as it comes with two adjustable cam buckles to easily adjust the length of the straps, you don’t have to worry about your height or the height of what you are attaching it to.
The cord of the handle can be rotated up to 90 degrees so that the cord lays flat against your hand. With a minimal extra charge you can order WOOS 3000 Equalizer Trainer with a hammer handle which will allow you to increase the number of exercises.
Price of WOSS 3000 Equalizer Trainer starts at only $39.99.


  1. Inexpensive
  2. Portable
  3. Carrying bag


  • A little heavier than the others.

You may also like to know WOSS 3000 Equalizer trainer is a product of WOSS Enterprise, LLC and it is headquartered in Antioch, California.

Rip 60

best suspension trainer

Its likely that everyone has already heard about the RIP 60 suspension trainer.

A scientifically designed suspension trainer made from aircraft quality Aluminum and heavy duty Nylon. Buying a RIP 60 you will have a pair of revolutionary rotating straps.

This product also comes with a 60 days challenge. It uses gravity and your body weight in a systematic manner to increase your body flexibility, power and endurance. Your whole body will transform in just 60 days as a result of the program.

The Heavy duty Nylon is durable and has comfortable hands and ankle grips.

The Rip 60 is designed in such a way  that it can be hooked securely to a number of objects like- trees, fences, doors wherever and whenever you like. So it can be used both outdoors and indoors. It is also designed to lift up to 600 lbs.

The system of RIP 60 is based on set of workouts over an 8 weeks period, with a DVD for each week and each week’s workout scientifically designed to build on the earlier ones. And you will see the result in just 60 days.

It is quick and easy to set up RIP 60 and also designed for everyone from beginners to professional athletes. For beginners the workout program is well planned in a DVD for each week.

The Rip 60 is similar to the TRX but the difference is in price and benefits. It is also portable, durable and lightweight.


Effective, Portable, durable, lightweight and not so costly


Reviewing so far, it’s a good piece of item to buy.


CrossCore 180 Rotational Bodyweight Trainer

best suspension trainer

The design of CrossCore 180 Rotational Bodyweight Trainer threads a rope through a moveable pulley to create Rotational Suspension Training. For this reason every movement becomes more challenging.

The main purpose of CrossCore 180 is to take the suspension workout to a new level. As the rotating pulley is featured, it allows you to do –back and forth pull/push motions, twisting and single les squat. It is not designed for the beginners as a single arm push up would be tough to do on CrossCore. But it can be converted into a regular suspension trainer by inserting a pin into the pulley system to lock the rope in one place.

Overall it’s a great suspension trainer. But as the pulley system is made of metal, the weight is 4 pounds and for this reason it is not versatile. It is also a costly suspension trainer and the price starts at $249.99


  1. Pulley system
  2. Instability
  3. Can be used as a regular suspension trainer
  4. Takes exercises to a new difficulty level


  1. Not versatile
  2. Expensive
  3. Heavy
  4. Beginners will find it hard at the first time.


Possible exercises to do with the best suspension trainer


Most people are not strong enough or cannot balance in order to do a single-leg squat on their own. Therefore by doing this exercise you can correct your strength imbalances between your two legs or hip.

Steps are given below:

  1. Place your elbows under your shoulders, with tension on the strap.
  2. Center your right leg to the anchor point.
  3. Now place the opposite heel on ground so that it can assist your working leg.
  4. Then, bend the Knee of your assisting leg and go down with your hips lower and back.
  5. Keep the maximum weight of your body on your working leg and allow the weight to transfer to your assisting leg as needed.
  6. Drive through your heels, extend your hips and stand tall.
  7. Repeat it with your left leg and continue the process.

You can easily make mistakes at the very beginning like: leaning too far back and bending too far forward at the waist. Note the name of this exercise and search it on youtube.

It will help you to minimize your mistakes.


By doing this exercise you will bank a big return for your buck: More muscles are working and incorporated into the movement, and everything turns into a core work-out.

Steps are given below:

  1. Keep your palms forward and extend your arms overhead in a “Y” position and keep the tension on strap, offset feet.
  2. Lowering your body down, keep your arms extended and a plank.
  3. Now pull the handles, drive your knuckles back, and lift up your chest and keep your eyes on the anchor point.

Mistakes will be happen like: breaking at the hips; bending elbows.


This exercise is also known as The Desert Island Exercise. While doing this exercise you will feel that your core, abs, back, shoulders, and hips are working to do different things at different times.

Steps are given below:

  1. Start while in plank position.
  2. Place your feet in the foot cradles, your knees on floor, and your hands under your shoulders.
  3. Lower your chest like, you taking smell of the floor.
  4. Push back up to your plank position and then immediately hinge at hips. During this process keep your ears, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles in an alignment position.
  5. Keep your torso straight and drive your hips up.
  6. Keeping your body tight and engaged, lower back down to a plank position.

Mistakes will happen like: dropping chin, looking forward, bending knees. 


Advantages of this exercise are: it teaches proper movement, your core will get strong, you will experience a greater range of motion while you will be able to adjust the difficulties easily. This exercise is usually known as The Back Building Exercise.

Steps are given below:

  1. Place your working hand beside your chest while you  reach toward anchor point with your free hand holding main strap.
  2. Drop your shoulders down.
  3. Keep extending your working arm while in a circular motion, rotate your free arm toward the ground.
  4. Keep your hips square.
  5. While rotating your free arm up toward the anchor point, drive your working elbow straight back.

Mistakes can happen like: bending at the hips; using rotational momentum while pulling the body up. 


This exercise is also known as Single Leg Burpee Jump. By doing this exercise you can develop your strength, power, cardio capacity and balance.  This is an advanced exercise so be careful.

Steps are given below:

  1. Place one foot in foot cradle and center with anchor point, while placing your shoulders over your hips.
  2. Drive your suspended knee back and lower your hips until back knee is two inches from ground.
  3. Place your hands on the ground, then hop your grounded leg straight back to a plank and do a pushup.
  4. Hop your grounded leg forward and explode up to a jump.

Mistakes can  happen like: dropping hips during pushup and not hopping leg forward far enough. Note the name of this exercise and search it on youtube. It will help you to minimize your faults.

So now you have all the information you need to ensure you get the best suspension trainer for you. For the best pricing check out the link below to get yours and get started.

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