Best all round elliptical bike buyer guide

With Elliptical bike’s becoming a popular fitness machine which are affordable, easy to use and don’t take up too much space. What’s stopping you from picking up your very own two-in-one fitness machine?

Elliptical Bike features

These bikes are not only used by cyclists to practice their technique and improve strength but, are also a good way to lose weight and improve overall fitness. In this article, we will go over some of the best Elliptical bikes, their features and how they would fit into your family.

Body Rider BRD2000 Elliptical trainer

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Coming in at around $130 the Body Rider BRD2000 is the first bike on our list of best Elliptical bikes, there is no doubt that this two-in-one exercise machine has been designed to suit the customer in every way possible. This bike has a high-quality steel frame which has a weight limit of around 200lbs. We will go over all of the features and pros and cons related to this machine and help you to make a final decision to whether this bike is best for you.



Fan Blades

The high momentum fan blades produce a gentle breeze which will help to keep you cool whilst working out. This is great for anyone who lives in hot areas or works up a sweat while working out indoors, this feature could be a lifesaver.

Tension knob

An easy to adjust tension knob means, you can change the intensity of your workout within seconds. This is great for anyone who does interval training, as well as professional cyclists.

Adjustable seat

The seat is fully adjustable, this means that anybody no matter your height or body type, you should be able to find a comfortable position on the machine whilst cycling.

Two-in-One fitness machine

This machine can be used as an exercise bike as well as an elliptical trainer. You could save quite a lot of money and space because of this. As you will only require a single machine for both functions.

Electronic console

You will find an electronic console which tracks the time you’ve been on the machine, not to mention the distance you’ve covered and your speed.


  • Good value for money, because this is a two-in-one fitness machine it is very good value for money. Not only can you have a good and invigorating workout using the exercise bike but you also have the option to use the elliptical trainer if you are wanting to change your workout.


  • Adjustable seat means that people of all heights and body types will feel comfortable while using the machine.


  • The fan is a great way to persuade people who would normally complain about the heat to do a workout (with no excuses). It is relatively quiet and will be as powerful as you pedal; so it could even be used as motivation!


  • Stride length, many reviews online have stated that it is difficult for tall people to use this trainer at times. This being down to the stride length simply not being big enough and they feel that an effective workout can’t be done.


  • Weight limit, with a weight limit of 200lbs, it is important to check your weight before purchasing this machine.
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The Body rider BRD 2000 is a very affordable two-in-one fitness machine that can be used by the whole family. Not only does having 2 machines in one save you a lot of space and money but can also help to mix up your workout and stop you from getting bored.

Elliptical Bike 2 in 1 Cross Trainer (best choice products)

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The joint cheapest option on our list coming in at $100 on Amazon, this machine is truly a bargain! You’re pretty much paying $50 per fitness machine, which is an unbeatable price compared to most fitness bikes and cross trainers. With an average rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars people have clearly been happy with this product, 38% of people even chose to give this machine a 5-star rating which shows just how good it is for the price! We will go over everything you need to know about this two-in-one fitness machine below.



Resistance Knob

The resistance knob makes it easy to change difficulty in seconds. This is ideal for any cyclist who knows they will be going uphill or through difficult terrains.

Electronic screen

A small electronic screen shows your speed, the time you have been on the machine, as well as the distance traveled and estimated calories burned.

Two-in-one Machine

If you’re looking to save space and money this a probably the most important feature. This machine can be used as either an exercise bike or cross-trainer, again this is a perfect way to mix out your workout routine.

Adjustable seat

The seat can be adjusted which makes this machine compatible for people of all weights and sizes.



  • Price, this is one of the cheapest elliptical bikes we have found on Amazon and is definitely worth the price for a two-in-one machine.


  • Because of the electronic screen, you can set yourself fitness goals and keep track of them over time. For example, you could aim to cycle for 10km in 20 minutes and work toward that trying to do it in a minute less each time you use the machine.


  • Large non-slip footplates make it harder to lose control of/slip when using either the exercise bike or cross trainer.


  • Duel-direction, with the elliptical action the handlebars can go backward and forwards with no problem.


  • Space, this machine takes up very little space; especially when you compare it with having 2 machines in your home.



  • Comfort, although this isn’t the worst seat you could get it definitely isn’t the best according to most reviews.


  • Set-up, it is pretty simple to set up the instructions that come with this elliptic bike aren’t particularly helpful and have been said to be ‘poorly worded’.
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To say this is one of it, not the cheapest elliptic bike on the market it is surprisingly good. Made with high-quality materials and coming at an unbelievable price if you’re looking for your first two-in-one machine this could be the best place to start!

Body Rider Exercise Upright fan bike

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The third Elliptic bike on our list is another cheap option also coming it at $100 is exactly the same price as the Best choice machine (above). The question is which one should you buy? By the end of this review, you should be able to answer that question for yourself. Body rider has clearly thought about the rider when designing this product as even in the title it says UPDATED softer seat which means they must’ve taken your comfort into consideration.



Fan Wheel

The fan wheel will provide the user with a cool breeze whilst working out on this machine, this can be a good motivation technique when you are riding the bike as the faster you peddle the more powerful the breeze will be!

Adjustable seat

An adjustable seat means that no matter your height/weight you can find a position that suits you.

Tension Knob

A key feature for anyone who wants to increase the challenge throughout their workout or enjoys interval training! The tension knob is used to change the difficulty of pedal resistance and can be done in seconds.

Dual action handlebars

These handlebars mean that your upper body gets a workout as well as the bottom half of your body. This is great for anyone looking to lose weight or simply improve fitness.

Electronic Display

This display will show you your Speed, distance traveled, time and calories burned. If you like to set yourself goals this a great way to track them accurately.



  • Price, this exercise bike is amazing value for money and with an average rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars on amazon if you’re looking to buy a cheap yet high-quality bike then this is our recommendation.


  • Fan, the fan can be a massive positive depending on how hot it is where you are, a major problem about working out at home for most people is that it can get too hot. But with this fan, there will be a constant stream of cool air coming to the rescue whenever you feel like passing out.


  • Sturdy, because this exercise bike was built using a Steel frame we would be confident that it won’t break easily.



  • Weight limit, the weight limit of 250lbs may exclude many Americans; make sure you check your weight before purchasing this product!


  • One use, this is purely an exercise bike and cannot be used as a cross trainer. Although your upper body will still get a workout because of the handlebars.
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Another good quality and affordable Fitness machine to add to the list, this exercise bike is the ideal gift for a family member/friend and a sly way to hint at weight loss. If you don’t want to spend too much on your home gym equipment this would be a great addition and although it isnt a 2-in-one machine it still serves it purpose well.

ElliptiGO 8c

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The Elliptigo 8c is a truly revolutionary bike. Not only can this product be used as an actual pedal bike to get to work and back on; but when inside it can also be used as an Elliptical trainer, and it’s the first bike in the combine the two. The price tag on this unique bike is much higher than all the other Machines we’ve reviewed although, it could help to save you money.



Pedal bike

The Elliptigo 8c can be used as a standard peddle bike to help you on your everyday travels. If you ever have issues with transport ie bus service is always running late then this bike could be the perfect way to get you to work on time, all the time.

Elliptical trainer

This innovative bike can also be used as a trainer at home, this way if you want to improve your fitness, lose weight or simply have a fun workout it can also be used to do so. Instead of purchasing both a pedal bike and Elliptical trainer this model could work as both and save you a lot of money and storage space in the process.

Adjustable stride

You can change the length of a stride which means that anybody no matter their height can use the bike effectively.

8 resistance levels (gears)

The 8 resistance levels not only mean that you can have a difficult workout while riding on a straight but also give you the power to climb and hill that a normal road bike would be able to.



  • The two-in-one machine, because this bike can be used as both a pedal bike and a fitness machine you will save space in your home and save money as you’ll only have to buy one product!


  • The stride and steering wheel length can be adjusted. This makes the bike customizable. It also means any member of the family no matter their height can use this bike.


  • Fun, if we’re honest this bike looks incredibly fun to ride. It looks like something everyone would want to have a go on. This could persuade you to do more workouts purely because of the extra enjoyment brought by this bike.




  • Price, this is a revolutionary piece of equipment but the $2500 price tag might put you off.


  • Looks, we do think it looks pretty good, but many online reviews simply don’t think it’s aesthetically pleasing. I suppose if your spending that amount of cash you want the bike to look good.
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This bike is the first in the world to incorporate a road bike and fitness machine into one. We think it does a very good job of it. If you have the money and want an extra tough journey to work then this is the bike for you!


There are many amazing elliptical bikes currently available. There are even models that you can use as road bikes. We hope this article has given you an insight. Insight into what we believe to be some of the best all round elliptical fitness machines on the market. Each elliptical bike has some cool and unique features. It is hard to pick which one is the best. Although we hope that with our help you’ve been able to choose which is best for you! Thanks for reading and remember to have fun no matter what machine you’re working out on.