Proform hybrid trainer reviews-buyer guide

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer is an extremely versatile 2 in 1 workout machine that is perfect for people on a budget. If you can only afford only one piece of equipment for your home gym, make it this one.

Proform hybrid trainer build quality

The gauge steel construction makes the device extremely durable and tough. With a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs, this hybrid trainer is definitely built to last. Measuring in at 63 in. x 26 in. x 76 in., the ProForm Hybrid Trainer is large enough to accommodate all but the tallest of users. It is spacious and does not unduly restrict your movement.

It is equipped with ProForm’s Silent Magnetic Resistance Technology, which helps keep noise levels at a minimum even when working out at full tilt. The design is extremely clever; the ProForm Hybrid Trainer can be transformed from a recumbent exercise bike to an elliptical trainer in 3 easy steps. This makes the trainer extremely versatile: the recumbent bike allows you a leisurely workout while you relax with a book or watching your favorite TV show.

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Getting your full body workout done

When you are in the mood for something a bit more engaging and physically taxing, the elliptical trainer is ready to give you a thorough full body workout.
The foot pedals are oversized and cushioned, as are the arm grips. They are also fully adjustable, making the work out an extremely comfortable experience. The padding not only eases the strain on your joints but also aids with traction and grip, preventing accidental slippage which can cause injury, especially if you are a beginner or new to working out.

The flywheel weighs in at a hefty 13 lbs, allowing you to push your body harder. The added weight also makes the trainer rock steady with no loss of balance. The seat is ergonomically designed for comfort and the ventilated back helps you to keep cool in the middle of a rigorous workout session.

A built-in console

The console is fully adjustable and has a very modern look and feel. While this is a cosmetic benefit, we find that every bit of your equipment matters if it encourages you to work out regularly; the sleek design goes a long way in doing just that. There are 16 resistance levels, meaning the device can adapt as you increase your strength and endurance. There are also 16 built-in workout programs, which help out if you do not have a personalized workout regimen from a personal trainer. The built-in programs are interactive and are perfect to get you started on your new machine.

The console also supports iFit accessories, meaning you can stream your favorite workout programs from your favorite celebrity trainers. The console also displays useful information such as your pace and a power meter that allows you to track your fitness goals. The handle grips also feature integrated heart rate monitors, which allow you to track your EKG pulse readout on the LCD console.

What’s not to like

We do however have a few gripes with the ProForm Hybrid Trainer. First, the console lacks some useful features like a built-in cooling fan or a speaker so that you can listen to your favorite tunes while working out. The elliptical stride is non-adjustable and maxes out at 15 in., which is terribly restricting.

The absence of in handle controls is also irritating. It is extremely distracting when you need to let go of the handles and reach down to the console. This is just to adjust a resistance setting or incline while working out. Additionally, while iFit is supported, the device itself does not come with an iFit subscription like many other competitors do.

Finally, the ProForm Hybrid Trainer is not portable. The handlebars do not fold down in any way to turn the device into a space saving configuration. So make sure you have a single spot you want to keep it stored in your home.

Should I buy a Proform hybrid trainer?

These however, are certainly not deal breakers. The short stride length is possibly the only shortcoming that cannot we dealt with by a work around. A longer stride not only gives you a more taxing workout but also allows the device to accommodate taller individuals. The 15-inch stride is what we would call the bare minimum and we would have loved to see a greater action on this otherwise awesome device. There are plenty of things to be happy about, though. The trainer is completely manual and does not need to be plugged into a wall socket to be functional.

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer comes with a limited 5-year warranty on the frame. While is has only 90 days of warranty on parts and labor. Needless to say, we would have preferred a lifetime warranty like those on other ProForm models. However, with the sheer value that this device packs in at such an affordable price point. There really is no room to complain. Listed at $379.99 on Amazon, it is a steal. If you are looking for one device to buy, make it the ProForm Hybrid Trainer.

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