Detox water, detox tea, detox drinks- Do they really work?

Here at peak health pro when we hear about the latest detox water recipe, revolutionary detox tea or other detox drink ideas we are pretty skeptical of the claims the manufacturers make. These brands like skinny tea or some kind of solution like detox water for flat belly are usually endorsed by a major celebrity. Often they will be seen showing that the detox product has given them an amazing body along with a bunch of other health benefits.

Before we give you the wrong idea we are not saying that all of these claims are misleading or untrue. What we are saying is let’s take a look at the different options available and what the detox benefits, if any actually are! At peak health pro our general ethos is that if something helps you to kickstart a lifestyle change or helps you to stay on track then do it. Sometimes that means that there are not really as many benefits as a product claims but if it helps you get the job done then its worth considering.

So let’s dive in and look at what’s on offer…..

Detox water first up

Now it should come as no surprise that water is a natural cleanser for the body. To put it simply you need water to live. This is true for almost all animals including us good old humans. Water helps the bodies own built-in detox system by helping to keep the liver, kidneys, and gut functioning correctly.

So what is Detox water?

So what is the difference between regular water and detox water? When people talk about water from a detox point of view they are generally referring to fruit infused water or flavored water of some kind. Having had plenty of experience trying to encourage people to drink more water we have found that the main issue seems to be that people don’t like the taste of water. In others words it’s too bland and therefore people have trouble drinking it.

With that in mind, adding a flavor of some kind with something like a fruit infuser is a great idea. You have probably seen some people at your local gym or spin class with a fruit infused water bottle or detox water bottle. If it helps you to drink more water then we say go for it. That can only be a good thing.

There are plenty of detox water recipes out there as well as the opportunity to experiment with your own. We will give you a few to choose from later in this article.

While there is no scientific detail on just how much these detox water infusers aid in the cleansing of your body the benefits are there to be seen. Drinking more water will boost your energy, improve your circulation, reduce your recovery times from exercise and more besides. If you are using a fruit infuser then you will also be increasing your daily intake of vitamins while not increasing your calorie intake. That one sounds almost too good to be true but there it is.

Fruit infused water bottle – the alternative

One thing that we should definitely mention is that the fruit infuser option is a great way to cut down on your sugar intake from other drinks like soda. As we already mentioned the lack of taste is one of the main reasons that most of us don’t drink enough water. It can be hard to drink the recommended eight glasses a day.

For this reason, alone its worth investing in a fruit infused water bottle to help you stay on track. In fact, you will save money overall since you will no longer be buying soda. In addition to reducing your sugar intake, you will also cut out a lot of other harmful chemicals such as aspartame which are harmful to the body.

Simple recipes for your fruit infuser

You have decided to give the flavored water idea a go. That’s great, so what happens next? Well, you probably need some inspiration to get started. First up you will need, you guessed it, some water! Hopefully, you live somewhere with a nice fresh and clean water supply or a filter so you can just grab water from the tap.

Next up you might want to consider an actual fruit infused water bottle to make things even easier. It is a great solution. They are not very expensive and help you to keep your water intake up when you’re on the go, at work, the gym or just about anywhere.

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How to make your fruit infuser water drink

Before we forget there a few simple steps to making a flavored water drink. Here it is:

  • Choose your favorite ingredients and prepare them
  • Pop them into your water jug or fruit infuser
  • Fill half way with ice and the rest with water
  • Chill for at least an hour in the refrigerator
  • Drink and enjoy

fruit infuser

We recommend a few ingredients to have on hand to include in just about any water recipe. These are:

  • Cinnamon
  • Cucumber
  • Mint
  • Lemon
  • Ginger
  • Berries (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry)
  • Apple cider vinegar

Let’s get to the recipes

infused water bottle

These are just some quick suggestions. Over time you will find which flavors you like best. Feel free to experiment and find a recipe that you really like. If you come up with any interesting or unusual combinations we would love you hear about it in the comments section below.

Next up Detox tea- the skinny tea lowdown

If you prefer to have your drinks a little warmer then you may want to consider a detox tea. While there are common features with the water options above tea is, of course, a different way to consume water and to flush out your system.

Once again various skinny tea brands are promoted by celebs with promises of wondrous solutions to all of lifes problems. While that may not be true, most types of tea are not without their benefits. Just like the infused water tea by itself is not a complete solution for weight loss, health or detoxing but it can be a great help.

A recent study from a combination of US and European researchers found that tea has a wealth of health benefits including:

  • Boosting your energy
  • Helping to increase fat loss
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Decreasing risk of stroke & heart attack
  • Improving your general mood and mental sharpness

How does the skinny tea work?

It is well known that tea contains a high amount of antioxidants. These help to reduce stress and inflammation in the body by reducing the presence of free radicals. This in turns lowers our risk of illness and diseases.

Specific ingredients in many of these teas aid the function of the liver which is the bodies own inbuilt cleanse and detox organ. Tea that has ingredients such as lemon, ginger or herbs help to lower the stress on the organ which in turn helps your body to function better. So that’s a win-win right there.

Something to look out for!

While there are numerous benefits to drinking herbal tea there are a few things to look out for. But if you follow a few simple steps they are easy to avoid.

Many herbal teas contain an ingredient called Senna. You may have heard of this particular ingredient before. The reason for this is that it is also sometimes marketed as a herbal laxative. While there can be a need to help your intestines to clear out as part of the detox process, prolonged use is not advised. In the short term, the simple inconvenience of having to make frequent visits to the toilet is first up.

However, over time it can have unpleasant side effects such as diarrhea and dehydration. The simple solution here is if you plan on starting with a tea that contains Senna, use it briefly and then move on to one that simply doesn’t contain it.

detox tea

On with the teatox!

So you are ready to get started with your teatox (yep that’s a thing now). Anyway, first up choose the right tea for you. Different types of tea are great for different things. For example, you will probably want an energy boosting and refreshing tea to have in the more to get you moving and motivated. While you will probably also want a calming and soothing tea to have a night as part of your pre-bedtime wind-down routine (if you don’t have a routine, start one today).

Are you sensitive to caffeine? If so then you will either need to choose a brand that is low in caffeine or plan to drink fewer cups of tea over the course of the day.

Taste and flavor will also be very important. There is no point in trying to stick to a new regime by forcing yourself to consistently drink a tea you don’t like. So be smart and try a few options and find what works for you.

Lastly, as part of your teatox you will need to be smart about your overall diet and lifestyle. Like any diet, health plan or other detox strategies you shouldn’t expect to just a few cups of tea and see wondrous results. You will need to look at your overall lifestyle. Are you getting enough vitamins and minerals in your diet? Are you cutting down junk food and processed foods to a bare minimum? Maybe you need to make a few lifestyle adjustments to get started like in our free guide here.

All in all, just be sensible and make the adjustments as you go along.

What teas are there out there?

Here are some of our top picks for teas to get you started. They all have slightly different goals in mind so choose the one that works for you.

Baetea 14 Day Teatox Detox Herbal Tea Supplement



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Just as the names suggests the bartae 14-day teatox is a fourteen day cleanse program based around this tea. The claims include that is will cleanse and purify the body. Boost your energy, increase your metabolism. It says it will also reduce bloating through removing excess water and improving digestion. The reduction in bloating aims to aid in achieving the much desired flat tummy.

It also acts as an appetite suppressant. While we do not recommend such an approach to weight loss this may be a factor you are happy to consider.

Lastly, it has a pleasant and smooth taste which should make it easy to drink.

Yogi Teas Detox,16 Tea Bags, (Pack of 6)

detox tea


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One of the best-known detox teas on the market. Yogi tea is a very well recognized brand. It includes ingredients such as dandelion, burdock, juniper berry, ginger, pepper and others combined with a spicy flavor. Its main claim is that is aids the bodies natural cleansing process by assisting with liver and kidney functions.

It is caffeine-free and comes in a wide range of flavors and varieties.

Hey Girl, Cleanse: Body cleanse, colon cleansing, cleanse detox

skinny tea

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Hey girls time to cleanse tea offers to help with bloating and constipation. Its manufacturer says it does this by cleansing the body and the colon. It will purify your body from toxic waste build up and leave you detoxed.

This tea contains senna so as we mentioned earlier consider this one carefully is you have reacted badly to senna in the past. Maybe try this one in small amounts first before increasing the volume.

Easy E-Z The Best Weight Loss Diet Tea

weight loss

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Easy E-Z weight loss tea claims to rapidly help you to lose up to a pound a day. It says its formula contains highly potent, fat burning and appetite control ingredients. Like the others it offers to reduce water retention, bloating and to boost the immune system.

It is caffeine free and has a pleasant and smooth taste.

Total Tea Gentle Detox Tea: 25 Teabags

tea detox


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The main feature of the Total Tea gentle detox tea is its anti-inflammatory quality. This aims to help those suffering with issues of inflammation and problems with their digestion and digestive tract.

As you can probably guess from the picture it has a cinnamon and orange flavor. It’s also Kosher certified.

Tea or water-its up to you

So there you have it. Warm or cold there are options for everyone. A combination of both is probably the best way to go as each option has its place. An energy boosting tea in the morning. Some infused water throughout the day and a nice wind-down tea in the evening.

No matter what you choose you will increase your water intake. Which should, in turn, help you on many fronts such as digestion, hydration, and general wellbeing.

Give them a try and come back and let us know how you did in the comments.