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Have you ever seen a sad kid jumping? Nope, that’s right…that’s because jumping kids are happy kids. The higher they jump the happier they get…it’s a scientific fact! OK, well maybe not a scientific fact but it’s no secret that getting a kid up off the couch and jumping up and down will put them in a better mood. That’s where a kids indoor trampoline comes in handy! Hey it even works for grown-ups too but it can be a bit harder to persuade us up off the couch!

Plyometrics (that’s the proper big word for jumping) can help improve muscle strength, coordination and joint stability, as well as improving coordination and balance and greatly increasing core strength and cardio fitness. Phew! That’s a lot of things…a lot of good things! So what can you do to encourage all this brilliant mood boosting activity…gently coax them away from jumping up and down on the couch (and your freshly made beds) and offer them a safe and fun alternative with a kids indoor trampoline

Kids indoor trampoline sizing and storage

Before you start imagining how you’re going to squeeze a giant full-size trampoline into your lounge check out our reviews on some nice, more moderately sized ones that will have your little one squealing with delight and jumping for joy for hours on end without costing the earth! We’ve scoured the web and picked our top 4 favorite kids indoor trampoline below!


Little Tikes 3’ Trampoline

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Amazon Rated: 4 ½ Stars
Age Range: 3 to 6 years

Item Weight 15.5 pounds
Dimensions: 36 x 36 x 33.5 inches
Is Assembly Required: Yes
Maximum weight: 55 pounds


About the Little Tikes 3’ Trampoline:

This is a great starter one for your little ball of energy, also known as a toddler. Easy to move around and with a large surface area to jump on and a stability bar to keep them safe and boost their confidence, this kids indoor trampoline will have them burning energy and giggling away for hours


The Good Bits:
  • Easy assembly…comes pretty much assembled already. All you have to do is attach legs and stability bar…20 minutes and you’re done!
  • Nice and compact for indoor use
  • Large surface area for jumping.
The Bad Bits:
  • Small…definitely one child at a time or teeth will be lost!
  • A bit awkward to store as the stability bar needs to be unscrewed…not a big hassle but still takes about 10 minutes.
  • Difficult to move from room to room as, once the stability bar is attached, it doesn’t fit through a standard door frame.
  • Indoor use only…not really a bad point as it’s an article about a kids indoor trampoline but the versatility would be nice in warmer weather.
  • Stability bar can be quite high for a smaller two year old.


What the Reviews Say:

Mixed reviews on this one. Plenty of positive reviews saying this kids indoor trampoline is safe and sturdy, easy to assemble and the kids love it.

In contrast, however, there were several bad reviews stating some common defects. Firstly, several people found that the blue safety mesh around the edges was quite loose and came away quite easily. Secondly, a few reviewers had problems with tipping over and found the product to be a bit too lightweight to be safe. And thirdly, which several reviewers seemed to find a bit of a safety issue, the threads on the leg screws seemed to go bare quite easily, particularly with repeated assembly and disassembly, making the product unsafe.


What We Say:

As a basic model and something to get started with we liked this one. It’s not particularly long-lasting but then neither is your kid’s attention span. While we had no problems with the screw threads, we did notice the mesh covering was a bit loose, although it never came off ours. The “one child at a time” rule in our house caused a lot of arguments. However, if you’re looking for an indoor trampoline it will more than likely be on the smaller side, (unless you don’t mind sacrificing your entire lounge room). If you’ve only one toddler to entertain you will get hours of entertainment from this but possibly there are sturdier models on the market. Good price for what you’re getting and littly won’t be disappointed!

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3 Stars from us!


Skywalker Trampoline Round Bouncer Trampoline with Enclosure

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B00U3RTNTO” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”activeplaytime-20″ width=”500″]

Amazon Rated: 4 Stars

Colors: Red or Camo
Age Range: 3 to 7

Item Weight 23.3 pounds
Dimensions: 48 x 48 x 55 inches
Is Assembly Required: Yes
Maximum weight: 100 lbs


About the Skywalker Trampoline Round Bouncer Trampoline:

Available in an awesome choice of eye-catching red or cool camo, this kids indoor trampoline is a safe and sturdy option to entertain your kids, although it may be quite noticeable in your lounge room with its imposing mesh enclosure. Still, if you don’t mind that, the kids will love it and you’ll love the peace of mind knowing they can’t fall off!

The enclosure net is very tightly woven and sewn onto the jump mats so there’s no gaps for little hands and arms to get stuck in. Likewise, there’s no springs in this product, only stretch bands, keeping little fingers safe from nasty pinches. It also has a 360-degree handle for them to hold onto while they find their jumping feet. Another safety feature we like is that there is a frame pad covering the entire frame, keeping it nice and squidgy on the outside too…extra padding for any bumps and tumbles!


The Good Bits:
  • No springs so happy little fingers.
  • Gap free enclosure meaning no fear of falling off the side.
  • The entire structure is padded on the outside too to make sure it’s super child-proofed!
  • Good weight capacity of 100 pounds…that’s two happy children and no arguments about who goes first!


The Bad Bits:
  • Quite imposing in a lounge room setting if you don’t happen to have a spare toy room.  
  • Difficult assembly due to the extra structure to support the netting.
  • Once assembled, that’s the room it’s staying in as it won’t be fitting through any doorways.


What the Reviews Say:

Two words…Ripped netting. There seemed to be a lot of buyers that experienced problems with the mesh netting ripping very easily, particularly around the zipper connection. Although this doesn’t affect the functionality of the product, it does make it look untidy and defeats the purpose of gap free netting. Having said that, this particular problem with the product is still in the minority of reviews and it’s still mainly 4 and 5 Star reviews.


What We Say:

All in all it’s a nice product. However, for the sheer size of it in your house, it does feel rather tight and “cozy” when you’re on the inside and the issues with the netting were disappointing in an otherwise good product.

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3.5 Stars from us!


Skywalker Trampolines 40 In. Round Lily Pad Adventure Bouncer with Enclosure

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B0064G8LLE” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”activeplaytime-20″ width=”500″]

Amazon Rated: 4 Stars
Age Range: 3 to 7

Item Weight: 18.1 pounds
Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 55.6 inches
Is Assembly Required: Yes
Maximum weight: 100 lbs


About the Skywalker Trampolines 40 In. Round Lily Pad Adventure Bouncer:

Another nice product from Skywalker, and this one is a little bit bigger. Therefore more space for jumping fun on this kids indoor trampoline. Designed with safety, fun and comfort in mind, the spring-free structure uses stretch bands to provide maximum bounce without the hazard of springs pinching their little fingers. It is also surrounded by gap free meshing and a 360 degree stability bar to reduce fall risks and develop their confidence and jumping gymnastic skills. The structure also includes a padded covering over the outside so keep all surfaces soft and safe for littles. It’s also great for throwing a blanket over and turning into a fort if their imagination goes that way!


The Good Bits:
  • A good stable structure due to a nice wide base and arched enclosure poles so no wobbling, tipping or movement.
  • Nice, brightly colored Lily Pad design.
  • Foam padding on all surface areas keep it soft and child-friendly.


The Bad Bits:
  • Doesn’t fold up for easy storage…once it’s up, it’s up!
  • This one is for indoors only and a bit tricky to disassemble. Therefore, if you’re thinking about bringing it out back on a sunny day it’ll take longer than 5 minutes.
  • Tricky assembly for the slightly more DIY challenged of us out there!


What the Reviews Say:

Similar to our previous product review, the majority of reviews are positive, stating that kids love it and it seems sturdy and of good quality. However, again there seems to be a number of customers experiencing problems with the netting ripping around the zip area of the enclosure. This seems to be a common problem with this type of product as there is very little stretch in a zip and a lot of stretch in the mesh netting, therefore putting a lot of strain on the zip area. This is possibly something the manufacturer needs to look at. Also a few issues with the foam padding around the outside coming away quite easily and even a toddler or two trying to eat it! Hmmm, possible oversight in the design there.


What We Say:

Well it’s a good size and it’s bouncy which is great for a kids indoor trampoline. The issues with the netting and foam seem to be a recurring problem with this particular brand. However, the trampoline itself is sturdy and stays together well. If you don’t mind the possibility of it looking a bit untidy a few months down the line then your kids will get hours of fun and exercise out of it!

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3.5 Stars!


Skywalker Trampolines 60 In. Round Seaside Adventure Bouncer with Enclosure

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B0064G8PZG” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”activeplaytime-20″ width=”500″]

Amazon Rated: 4 Stars
Age Range: 3 to 7

Item Weight 27.3 pounds
Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 62 Inches
Is Assembly Required: Yes
Maximum weight: 100 lbs


About the Skywalker Trampolines 60 In. Round Seaside Adventure Bouncer:

Very similar in most ways to the previous Skywalker kids indoor trampoline reviews in this article, the only difference is the size of this one which is 60 inches! Like the previous models reviewed, this one uses stretch bands instead of the traditional springs. While some say this reduces trampoline “bounciness” I find it just as effective for the suggested age range and a nice safety feature for little fingers and toes. Again, this one has a soft padding covering the metal parts on the outside of the structure and comes in a fun and brightly coloured zoo animal design, with a well-placed bungee cord to help littlies climb in and out. This product, like the previous Skywalker products passess all standards for the American Society for Testing and Materials.


The Good Bits:
  • No springs! That means happy fingers.
  • 360 degree handle to reduce fall risks and boost their jumping confidence.
  • Sturdy and safe for up to two kids at once.


The Bad Bits:
  • Difficult assembly, put aside a day and have another adult on hand for some lifting and stretching.
  • Definitely not portable. While it can be disassembled I wouldn’t recommend doing it very often as it can be difficult and, according to some reviews, it can weaken the screws.
  • Inside only: While it’s probably possible to have it outside in good weather, you wouldn’t want to leave it there long term and as it’s not that portable (see previous point) it’s probably best to just leave it inside.


What the Reviews Say:

Similar to other reviews of this brand, several purchasers have stated that they found the metal weak, the safety padding a bit flimsy and again they experienced some problems with the netting tearing not too long after assembly. However, the majority of reviews state that they are happy with the product and the kids love it.


What We Say:

Well the reviews are a bit mixed on this one stating similar problems as before, mainly that the netting tears quite easily and the metal fatigues after a few months. So far we have experienced no problem without particular skywalker model and find it sturdy and safe for the kids to play in. However, there does seem to be a recurring problem with the netting in some models at least.

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SkyBound Super 7 The Perfect Kid’s Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline, 84” H

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”333″ identifier=”B00A2XG0GS” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”activeplaytime-20″ width=”500″]

Amazon Rated: 4.5 Stars
Age Range: 3 to 10

Item Weight: 73 pounds
Dimensions: 78 x 78 x 84 inches
Is Assembly Required: Yes
Maximum weight: 100 lbs


About the SkyBound Super 7 The Perfect Kid’s Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline:

This kids indoor trampoline is a bit different as it is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Therefore, it’s pretty big! In fact, it’s huge! As you can tell by the dimensions above, it would look pretty imposing in any lounge room. But hey, you kind of accept that half your lounge room will disappear into toy mess when you have kids! 

To begin with, the frame is made of solid, heavy duty steel meaning not only weight and stability but also weather and rust resistance. It is, of course covered with safety padding to keep everything nice and child proof! The zipper is reinforced so it can stand up to plenty of use from active and eager littlies and, unlike the previous trampoline, this one has springs (weather and rust proof springs of course!). 

While this can be considered both a good and a bad thing it does offer a bit of extra bounce and increase the age range that can use it.


The Good Bits:
  • Strong, heavy duty metal frame gives it strength and stability.
  • Reinforced zipper gives extra strength in this generally weak area on a trampoline.
  • Has springs: This is going in both the good and the bad bits as there’s good and bad points to springs. The good points…they do make it extra bouncy, there’s no doubt about it!
  • Good size, plenty of room for multiple kids.
  • Relatively easy to assemble.


The Bad Bits:
  • Has Springs: Like I said, good and bad side to springs, the bad side mean they can sometimes pinch little fingers. Although they’re tucked in nicely under the structure so I don’t believe it would be much of an issue.
  • Gaps between the side net and the trampoline, meaning a bit of an injury hazard.


What the Reviews Say:

Mainly good reviews on this one, describing the product as strong, sturdy and of good quality. The only bad reviews were based more around missing parts on delivery and issues with difficult assembly, but not about the quality of the product itself. One thing that was mentioned in a couple of reviews was that it didn’t seem particularly weather-proof and durable for a long period of time outdoors. However, it was able to stay outside for a few weeks without problem.


What we Say:

In comparison to the other products reviewed this is definitely our favourite. We like that it’s both suitable for indoor and outdoor use, not that there’s much opportunity to head outdoors where we’re from. The structure is strong and stable with no wobbling or tipping and the mesh netting and zipper seemed a bit stronger than other models. It’s a good size to accommodate a couple of kids at a time with a good maximum weight limit.

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Having reviewed all 5 kids indoor trampolines in this article our definite top pick is the SkyBound Indoor/Outdoor Combo Trampoline. It’s a good, sturdy structure with no tipping or wobbling and definitely seems to be the easiest to put together. It’s not particularly portable but nothing of that size will be, but all in all, worth the investment for hours of entertainment for the little monkeys.