Best Swing Set Kits-build it yourself

DIY Alert! For those who like easy assembly and are unable to read kit set assembly instructions without developing instant onset anger management issues (that’s me by the way!) then this swing set kits review is definitely not for you!

And that’s just fine! There’s plenty of hard-wearing, durable toys on the market to offer your kids a fun and active lifestyle without taking on the challenge of endless hours of assembling swing set kits while working against the will of every cell in your body. So if that sounds like you, put down the hammer (veeeerrrryyy slllooooowwwllyyy), reach for the coffee and cookies and check out some of our other reviews.

Just for all you DIY addicts

This article is for those hardcore DIY addicts. The one’s who love the complications, angst and sheer exhilaration of DIY (I know, I don’t “geddit” either). Opening the packaging while wondering tentatively will all the bits be there? Will everything fit as it should?

Almost hoping for a fault to increase the challenge and excitement of the experience and boost satisfaction levels while you sit back at the end of the day, (or, in my experience, the end of the month!) and proudly assess your latest achievement.

Swing set Kits vs ready made swings

So why on Earth would anybody choose swing set kits instead of their easier-to-assemble, technicoloured cousins. First of all, apart from Mankind’s (and Womankind’s) primal need to build and construct new things on a regular basis, there is that especially relevant factor of cost. It usually (but not always) works out cheaper to buy a kit-set and build the item yourself.

This only works however, if you’re fairly handy and confident in your abilities. Obviously, if it takes several weeks and you end up needing to get somebody in to finish the job properly I would consider that a poor investment of time and money (to put it politely)!

Aside from cost, the other benefit of DIY swing set kits is durability. Dollar for dollar you usually end up getting a much higher quality, durable product for your money if, that is, you’re prepared (and able) to put in a bit of work yourself to construct it.

This means year after year of safe, healthy activity for your family without having to worry about upkeep and maintenance (of the product that is, not your children…they still require regular maintenance, apparently into their 30’s these days!)

The downside to all this longevity and durability, of course, is that once it’s up, it’s up…and it ain’t going nowhere. Portability…nope! Easy disassembly…nope! No damage to property…Nope! So choose your swing set kit wisely as it’ll become a part of your family over the years…making regular appearances in those family fun photos, childhood snaps and pet gymnastics pictures!


Here’s a few of our favorite product picks to get you started on your long (and masochistic) journey into DIY…best of luck with that! I’ll be in the lounge room drinking coffee…


Gorilla Gym Kids Deluxe with Indoor Swing, Plastic Rings, Trapeze Bar, Climbing Ladder and Swinging Rope

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”191″ identifier=”B00FM62YD8″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”activeplaytime-20″ width=”500″]

Amazon Rated: 4 ½ Stars
Age Range: 3 to 12

Item Weight 18.9 lbs
Dimensions 26 x 39 x 14 inches
Is Assembly Required: Minimal
Maximum weight: 300 lbs


About the Gorilla gym kids indoor swing:

We love this one. Not quite the full DIY experience, but we thought we’d start off with something a bit simpler. There’s plenty of different attachments with this one to keep young minds interested and it’s very easy to install and tested to support up to 300 pounds!

Attachments included are plastic rings, trapeze bar, swinging rope, indoor swing and climbing rope. Multiple attachments take only minutes to change, meaning your little monkey is able to swing and climb to their heart’s content. This product will help to develop great strength, muscle coordination and balance.

One of the best bits of this swing set is the ease with which you can take it down…just unclip and pop in the cupboard! It even comes with a nice little mesh bag to keep everything together. Although to be honest it will probably never see the inside of the bag as it is usually constantly in use in our house!

Installation of this product is very simple and involves no permanent damage to walls or door frame. It just attaches to your doorframe like a home pull-up bar and the Vise-Grips adjust to fit.


The Good Bits:
  • Very simple installation, so no DIY involved on this one…Yeay!
  • This indoor swing set kit is strong, sturdy and very secure, but also lightweight and portable.
  • Attachments can be changed easily, meaning kids will be kept busy for a longer period of time…definitely a plus!
  • No damage to walls or door frame.
  • Silent…no creaking, groaning or annoying electronic noises.
  • Good age range. Recommended age of 3 months is possibly a little ambitious but 3 years to 12 years (with supervision) is probably about right.

indoor swing set

The Bad Bits:
  • This product only fits STANDARD door frames. Definitely necessary to take measurements before you buy. Although It’s not much of a hassle to buy extension clamps if your doorway is extra wide, it’s nice to be prepared beforehand so you don’t end up with disappointed kids.
  • Possible fall hazard, although this could be said for any child’s toy of this nature. However, it’s not that high off the ground and if you install a soft play mat underneath while they’re at play and supervise correctly it should reduce risk of injury.
  • For taller kids, maximum recommended age range of 12 might be a little generous…perhaps 9 or 10 is more realistic.


What the Reviews Say:

In general, the product is said to be strong, sturdy and well made. However, there are a few reviews saying it was badly put together will hole punches not lining up with bolts properly and such. Following on from this, some reviewers stated they had difficulty with missing parts on delivery and experienced poor customer service when trying to rectify the problem.

Aside from this kids seem to enjoy the product and, bar the exception of slightly taller kids, it is suitable for kids up to the age of 12.


What We Say:

Our kids love it and never seem to tire of it, except when it’s time for a feed. I like that it takes up very little space in our home and feels very sturdy.  It was really easy to install. We have a spare door from the lounge to the toy room so we usually just leave it up all the time but, the odd time we have taken it down, we didn’t experience much difficulty. 

We would definitely recommend this swing set kit as it makes a good long term investment. If your kids are 3 or 4 they’re at the perfect age to start getting the most out of it and you’ll get a good few years use before they outgrow it.

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4.5 Stars from us!


Scout Custom DIY Play Set Hardware Kit (wood not included)

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B0000BXJI9″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”activeplaytime-20″ width=”500″]

Amazon Rated: 4 ½ Stars
Age Range: 3 to 10 years

Item Weight: 24.8 pounds
Dimensions: 12 feet x 8 feet x 8 feet (high)
Is Assembly Required: Yes
Maximum weight: 300 lbs or 6 kids

Minimum Use Zone: 28 x 28 feet


About the Scout Custom DIY play set hardware kit:

As far as swing set kits go, this is a good one! Simple, versatile design and good, old-fashioned timber fixtures will make it a long standing family favorite and permanent feature of your back garden. This kit includes 4 x EZ Frame Brackets, 4 x EZ Frame Braces 2 x Belted Swing Seats with dipped chain, a Trapeze Bar and, all importantly, fully illustrated instructions.

The kit can be customized with three design options available, depending on your needs and requirements, based around the traditional A-frame design.

There are two swing seats and a trapeze bar included in the kit. However, the A-frame has plenty of room to hold up to 4 swings…that’s a lot of happy children (and possibly grown-ups) right there.

As stated clearly, lumber is not included in the kit. However, the correct lumber required is clearly stated on the instructions and will need to be factored into the cost. Reviews state you can expect to pay anything from $75 to $250 for the additional materials required, but no more than $300.

Put aside a day to assemble this one (including a trip to the hardware store) and a couple of spare adults and you’ll have your back garden transformed into a Walton’s style old-fashioned family fun center in no time!


The Good Bits:
  • Sturdy and durable: This is a strong and hard-wearing swing set kit. There’s no problem with lifting off the ground or wobbling and, with correctly treated wood, you can expect the product to serve your family for years. If you’re planning on having multiple kids or adults on it, I would suggest anchoring it to the ground just for some added security. You can purchase anchors from Swing-N-Slide for a small additional cost and they’re very easy to use.
  • Versatile: The product is customizable, depending on what you require and can hold anything up to 4 swings at a time on the standard beam. There’s also an option to use a longer beam for space for a 5th swing. You can even add a glider swing or a hammock for something different to keep interest levels up. Instructions are clear as to how to assemble the various design options and it is possible to use a shorter beam, allowing space for 3 swings only, if space is limited.
  • Good age range: As it is customizable you can start off with toddler swings and change them as the years go by, keeping it appropriate for your kids as they grow up.

swing set kits

The Bad Bits:
  • Could improve on the swing seat design as they felt a bit uncomfortable compared to a solid seat bottom.
  • That’s about it for the Cons on this one.  


What the Reviews Say:

All excellent reviews regarding the quality and durability of the product itself. A few negative reviews regarding incorrect hardware being included and missing parts on delivery, resulting in frustration. My experience is there will always be one or two deliveries that slip through the net and don’t have all the correct parts.

As a product, it is still well worth the purchase so my advice would be to read your instructions carefully and check what you need before going to the hardware store. Any missing nuts and bolts can be picked up at a very minimal cost as you’ll be in the store anyway buying the timber.

There were a few 2-star reviews stating their disappointment that lumbar and certain swing attachments were not included in the set. However, it clearly states multiple times that timber, wood screws and certain swing attachments are not included.


What We Say:

It’s strong, while being sturdy and it’s just what you’d expect from a good, old-fashioned family swing set. This is a refreshing change in a world full of gimmicks and brightly colored, lightweight products.

Put aside a day for assembly and a couple of spare adults and you’ll have your back garden transformed into a Walton’s style family fun zone in no time!

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4.5 Stars for this one (only because there’s DIY involved!)


Pioneer Custom DIY Play Set Hardware Kit (wood not included)

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B00076OC1K” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”activeplaytime-20″ width=”500″]

Amazon Rated: 4 Stars
Age Range: 3 to 12

Item Weight 18.3 lbs
Dimensions 18L x 12W x 8H feet
Is Assembly Required: Yes, 7 or 8 hours
Maximum weight: 150 pounds  (or 8 kids)


About the Pioneer Custom DIY Play Set Hardware Kit:

Lots included and lots of optional extras in this swing set kit (including a slide!). So we’ll start with what’s included…

Fully Illustrated Plans (very important!), 2 x Swing Seats, 1 x Iron Man Rings, 3 x Pairs of Swing Hangers, 6 x EZ Frame Brackets.

What’s not included…

I put that in bold just to save disappointment and frustration after purchase. These need to be purchased from your local hardware store at an additional cost…usually around $150.

Optional Extras: Slide, Heavy Duty Plastic Steering Wheel, Safety Handles, Lil Roadster Swing, Cargo Net and more depending on your imagination.

So, as a basic model for swing set kits it’s pretty cool and allows you to choose from 4 different swing set designs, depending on how much space you have available and what your requirements are. All design options have easy to follow instructions, making this a versatile and user-friendly model.


The Good Bits:
  • Versatile product with four different design options available depending on what suits your family’s needs.
  • Good price for the initial kit. Extra expense will be incurred to purchase lumber and accessories. However, to get started this is still a more economical way than purchasing everything separately.
  • Plenty of optional extras to add on if their enthusiasm fades a bit, increasing longevity of the product and value for money.
  • It’s got a slide 😀

swing set kits

The Bad Bits:
  • Chains are coated with a rubbery substance that, over time, can grow sticky and leave residue on your hands
  • A lot of DIY involved (although this could be seen as a good point for some!)
  • Bit of extra cost involved to purchase lumber, wood nails and any accessories you may want to add on, such as the slide or glider swing.


What the Reviews Say:

84% great reviews (4 and 5 star) stating that product is extremely sturdy and robust, does not need extra staking into the ground and is a huge saving in comparison to if you were to buy the all the pieces of the kit separately yourself. In contrast, about 10% of the reviews are negative (1 and 2 star) stating the product broke and fell apart within days and was very difficult to assemble.

Possibly they got a bad one (as there’s always one bad apple) or it could possibly be in relation to the large amount of DIY required.

The odd reviewer states that there was a bolt or two missing on delivery but nothing major. However, all in all, it seems to be seen as a durable, trustworthy product of good quality.


What We Say:

What’s different most of all about this one is the amount of optional accessories you can purchase to keep your kid’s interest level up. Yes, they’re at an additional cost but it’s great to be able to add on a slide and so on. This is a good size product to make the most out of a smaller back garden area and, as far as swing set kits go, it seems one of the more versatile.

This is a DIY project and this is clearly stated in the sales pitch. If you’re not into DIY, spend a couple of hundred extra and get a pre-made one. If you’re into DIY then go for it!

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4 Stars (as the cost of all the accessories starts to mount up a bit!)


Jungle Gym Kingdom 2 Heavy Duty Swing Hangers

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”337″ identifier=”B015OXL2MW” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”activeplaytime-20″ width=”500″]

Amazon Rated: 5 Stars
Age Range: 12 months and up

Item Weight 4.5 pounds

Dimensions: 5 x 2.5 x 3 inches
Is Assembly Required: Yes, but not an all day event!
Maximum weight: Total Weight 1,260 lbs; Safe Operating Limit 500 lbs; Snap Hooks Limit 440lbs


About the Jungle Gym Kingdom 2 Heavy Duty Swing Hangers:

Can’t get much simpler than this in the way of swing set kits. Two extremely heavy duty swing set hangers, suitable for well, anything you want to turn into a swing really.

Can be used indoors (depending on how much damage you want to do to the property) and outdoors and is perfect for gymnastics equipment, swings, climbing ropes, toddler bucket swings, trapeze rings, sky chair, yoga hammocks…I could go on and on but you get the picture. Basically, if you want to turn something into a swing, this is what you’re after.

As I said, it can be used indoors or outdoors and can be bolted into rafters, beams, cedar wood, concrete, even trees for that nostalgic tree swing we all dreamed about in our childhoods (which usually turned out to be a rope loosely tied around a tree trunk!).


The Good Bits:
  • Quiet and Smooth (due to custom vinyl washers used to prevent rubbing…or something DIY like that!)
  • Low Maintenance…basically put them up and forget about them. No lubrication necessary and double coated with DACROMET, which is apparently so good it requires capital letters and, some might say, is better than galvanizing. What does that mean…it won’t rust and you don’t need to oil it. Which is great if you’re anything like me as they would be forgotten about on my porch!
  • Low cost. No fancy bits. Just some heavy duty swing hangers.

swing set kits

The Bad Bits:
  • Doesn’t come with any hardware/bolts. What you see is what you get as, due to the variations in uses for this product, it would be impossible for the manufacturer to supply the matching hardware.
  • Almost too heavy duty for a kids basic swing.


What the Reviews Say:

Again, mainly 5 Star reviews stating that this is an extremely heavy duty item, almost over built for purpose. A couple of reviewers said they returned it as it was too heavy duty for their kid’s swing and they wanted something a bit more lightweight.

The main complaint throughout the reviews which is especially relevant is that it didn’t come with any bolts or screws. This is clearly stated and, I believe, is due to the various different mounting options available. At a very small additional cost, these can be picked up at a local hardware store.


What we Say:

The main issue with this one is that you need to be confident that you have attached it and screwed it in right (or whatever the technical DIY term is). It’s maximum weight is 500 pounds which is amazing…if it’s done correctly. If you’re a DIY novice or just not quite sure what you’re doing, have somebody in the know check out the fitting rather than road testing it on your kids!

There were a couple of negative reviews saying that it was flimsy and fell apart, leading to bruises and bumps. As all the other reviews say how sturdy and “industrial strength” the product is, it seems like the product failure may have been to do with incorrect attachment. So make sure the person attaching it knows what they’re doing.

[easyazon_cta align=”center” identifier=”B015OXL2MW” key=”small-light” locale=”US” tag=”activeplaytime-20″]

5 Stars for this one…it’s plain, it’s simple (even for the DIY-averse like me). It does what it is supposed to do!


Kodiak Custom Play Set Hardware Kit

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B000SZNGSA” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”activeplaytime-20″ width=”500″]

Amazon Rated: 4 ½ Stars
Age Range: 3 to 10 years

Item Weight 40.9 lbs
Dimensions: 8.75 x 21.25 x 12.75 inches
Is Assembly Required: Yes…lots of it!
Maximum weight: up to 14 children!


About the Kodiak Custom Play Set Hardware Kit:

First of all, same as the others, Lumber not Included.

There’s that bold writing again! Just so everybody is on the same page! 🙂 What it does include is 24 Brackets, 2 belted swing seats, a tarp (multi-colored…very nice!), 2 sets of play handles, 4 plastic climbing rocks and a very nicely illustrated set of instructions, offering you 3 designs to choose from. Optional extras such as a ladder and a rock wall will add another dimension to your newly built playzone (at an extra cost). But even without the extras it makes a great climbing den for the younglings.

This is a swing set kit with a difference and, once you see it assembled, you’ll love it. Plenty of places to climb, slide, swing and hide and the multi-colored tarp is a nice touch!

There’s plenty of detailed DIY chat and details if you go to the Amazon page and check out the Q&As, furthermore the general opinion most of all is that it’s a great product.


The Good Bits:
  • Up to 14 children at once can play on this. Which means that’s all your birthday parties sorted for the next few years.
  • The different design options and optional extras available make it versatile. Because of this your kids might get a say in how their new fortress is built.
  • Strong, safe and sturdy while very weather resistant.
  • Good instructions.

swing set kits

The Bad Bits:
  • First of all, this is a definite DIY project. If you’re not generally handy it may take several weekends to put together. So think twice about buying this unless you’re up for a good challenge.


What the Reviews Say:

All reviews state that the product itself is excellent and furthermore, once assembled, provides lasting fun for the family. Negative reviews are due to the fact that it is quite a detailed DIY project. If you’re new to the DIY thing you therefore probably want to put a couple of weekends aside for it.

A couple of reviews said that there was missing parts while some reported wrong parts delivered. However, customer service from Swing-n-Slide was excellent and as a result the problem was resolved quickly.


What We Say:

This is by far our favorite and therefore the most noteworthy. It’s got everything…swinging, climbing, sliding, platforms to play on, and furthermore, the choice of different designs. In addition, that means you can customize it to suit the space you have available and what your kids would prefer. It’s strong and sturdy and therefore you can feel confident that your kids (and the neighbors kids) are safe playing on it. Hence its well worth the hassle of DIY to put it together. Seems like a brilliant feature to have in any family back garden!

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5 Stars from us!