Body blade reviews-Mad Dogg Athletics

If you are looking for something a little different then you should check out the Bodyblade from Mad Dogg Athletics. You probably won’t find many Body blade reviews out there as its not your typical piece of exercise equipment. 

When you first see the video for the Body Blade you might think its some sort of strange ninja weapon. It looks like a flexible samurai sword with a handle in the center. Not your typical home exercise option I bet. But it’s worth taking a look as it has some very particular applications.

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The Body blade reviews breakdown

The Body blade is a piece of fitness equipment developed by a Physical Therapist called Bruce Hymanson. He created it right back in 1991.

Bodyblade exercises are for both men and women and are used for both general exercise and rehabilitative reasons.

The actual concept behind the bodyblade is based on a method called inertia training. This is a way of stimulating the muscles of the body as well as the joints using vibrations.

The vibrations are caused by the movement of the bodyblade itself and then transferred through the hands into the body.

Here is a quick video of Bruce demonstrating some bodyblade exercises.

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Does Body blade work and what is inertia training?

Inertia training is not a new idea or concept. There is however not a lot of research on the topic so we can only go on the feedback of users in terms of experience.

Bodyblade say that the system is based on RCT or rapid contraction technology. In simple terms it makes your muscles contract a lot. A whole lot. Try 270 times a minute. It’s a lot right!

Since your body has over 600 muscles and the bodyblade exercises make them contract so fast and often you are bound to burn some calories here.

One this that is great about the design is it works as hard as you do. What does that mean? Well the harder and faster you drive the blade up and down or back and forth the harder you work. Basically you have to brace yourself harder to offset the flex intensity (this is what they call it).

This is a nice feature as it means you can use it as a beginner and work up and you feel you can take more. Any bracing exercise done correctly is generally good for your core. A stronger core helps to deal with back pain and posture issues so any improvement there is welcome.

Bodyblade benefits:

The guys at bodyblade tell us the main benefits are as follows:

  1. Improved balance, strength & coordination
  2. Overall wellness improvements including muscle flexibility and stability
  3. Your cardiovascular fitness levels should improve
  4. Better muscle endurance
  5. Maximum calorie burn with a total body workout
  6. Faster fat burning to achieve a lean body in a shorter time period

So how does it hold up to these claims?

Overall the body blade reviews are pretty good. Most users said they enjoyed using it and saw some good results from consistent use.

The main negative seems to be that some people find it tricky to use initially. This is a common problem for anyone trying out any exercise that involves balance and rhythm. The kit comes with a posted and DVD on how to use it.

There are also many videos on youtube to help you get the hang of using it so if you stick with it you should be fine.

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It comes in at a great price too so you won’t need to break the bank for this one. Try it out and let us know how you found it.