Weider home gym review-all in one workout

Let me point out that I am a barbell training fan. Some exercises, however, require something a little more controlled to really isolate certain muscles. For that reason, I have a Weider home gym in my garage. It’s a simple yet effective piece of equipment that gets the job done, it’s that simple!

As I said personally I prefer to train with free weights most of the time. Barbells, dumbbells and of course kettlebells. I know some people don’t like this more old-fashioned way of training but they do want to have a wide range of exercises catered for in a home gym setup.

Weider home gym overview

If you have ever looked for a home gym then you have probably seen a piece of Weider equipment.  They have been making fitness equipment for a long time and have a great reputation. People often classify home gyms as either commercial or for home use in terms of quality and function.

People often classify home gyms as either commercial or for home use in terms of quality and function. I would say the Wieder home gym falls in between into the semi-commercial bracket. This is great as you are getting more or less a commercial gym grade machine without the high price tag.

One thing that people often overlook when choosing any fitness equipment to use at home is the fact that you will be alone when you use it. Why is this important?

If you are doing let’s say a bench press at your local gym you will probably have a spotter. At a bare minimum, there will be someone nearby like a trainer or another gym member who can help you out if it goes wrong.

So if you have a bench press in your garage and no one to help you then progressing your training is going to be pretty difficult.

This is where a pulley based machine like the Weider home gym is perfect. It allows you to push yourself beyond your max weight limit without worrying about dropping the weights or needing a spotter.

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Wieder home gym features

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So we know you don’t need a spotter but what about storage? Is this machine going to take over half of my garage? Simple answer! No!

With a footprint of just 65″ by 37″ this fits nicely in the corner but packs a punch for the small size. It weighs in at 183 pounds so you won’t want to be moving it too often.

The 80-pound weight stack can deliver up to 214 pounds of resistance so you shouldn’t outgrow it anytime soon. It also comes with 6 built-in workstations which cover just about every muscle group in the body.

Let’s take a closer look at these muscle-sculpting workout stations:

  • High pulley with lat bar: This is, of course, to allow you to focus on your back muscles. As the largest muscle in your upper back, your lats will get a great workout using this station. There are a number of hand grip positions for wide and narrow pulldowns etc.
  • Low Pulley: This station allows a lot of flexibility. There are almost infinite exercises you could do with this station. But some of the key muscles you will work are your forearms, biceps, triceps, delts, traps and rhomboids. I use this one a lot as you really can do a lot with it.
  • Chest fly: Like I said earlier you can’t get much of bench press workout at home by yourself. The chest fly option helps to stimulate the pecs as well as your delts. A great all round chest and shoulder workout. If you burn out you just let go and the pulleys take care of it.
  • 4-foam leg developer: With the help of the weight stack the leg developer allows you to hit a number of different leg muscles which is a nice bonus that most home gym machines don’t have.
  • Preachers curl pad: Although I use the Low Pulley for a lot of my arm workout the preacher pad really allows you to turn up the intensity on your arms. It’s especially good for getting a great bicep pump.
  • Ankle Strap with Handle: This is sort of like a bonus accessory. I use it for additional leg exercises for adductors and glute work.

Do I need to be a fitness pro to use the Weider home gym?

The Wieder home gym comes with a full exercise chart that shows you the wide variety of exercises you can use it for. Once you have it assembled it’s really straight forward. You will find what works best for you pretty quickly so don’t worry if your not an expert.

As home gyms go it offers a lot for the money and the quality level it high. If you want to hit every muscle group, save space, not spend a small fortune and be able to get a heavy workout without a spotter then get a Weider home gym and get started on your garage workouts.

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