Thumper massager review-treat muscle aches and pains

It’s not hard to figure out that a product must be high quality when it’s the choice of professionals and practitioners like chiropractors, massage therapists and even pro athletes. So what is a thumper massager and why is it used by hundreds of thousands of pros globally?

If you are in the market for a handheld massager or electric massager you have probably checked out a few different models. They are often poorly made and don’t really hit the spot in the way you had hoped for.

Going to the local chiropractor or massage therapist each week is not really in your budget. Or maybe you just don’t have the time to get there. If this sounds like you then maybe one of the thumper massager options below is for you.

Thumper massager for pros and for you

Just before we go any further lets just clear something up here. These electric massager units are equally useful for professionals, they are commercial grade and not your average store bought basic handheld massager. Along with a massage table, they are essential pieces of equipment.

Check out how healthcare professionals are using the thumper range as part of the muscle therapy process

They can save practitioners time and energy while delivering the necessary treatment to patients and customers. Units like the Thumper maxi pro are very robust and pack a real punch. Check out the options below in more detail.


Thumper maxi pro

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Often referred to as the thumper back massager

Thumper mini pro

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Thumper Sport


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This model the thumper sport massager is

Thumper Versa Pro

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Thumper vmtx massager

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