Inflatable sup pump – get on the water fast

There’s nothing more enjoyable than a day out at sea on your inflatable stand up paddle board or SUP board. Even just spending a quiet evening lounging on your inflatable in the pool can be great. Inflating manually can be tiring. So a good Inflatable sup pump is the way to go.

Inflatables are great in that they provide portability and convenience with no heavy lifting required. Just imagine trying to haul a 10 foot long paddle board onto the roof of your car. Then unloading again at the beach. It doesn’t take long to understand why inflatable devices are so popular.

An Inflatable Sup pump makes it easy

Now, the single most important accessory that will make your life easier if you have an inflatable is an electric pump. Be it a paddle board or pool set or towable item, the same issue exists.

Most inflatables come with an included hand pump but as any person with experience knows, the last thing you want to do when you are in the mood for getting on the water and having fun is to spend twenty minutes pumping (or even more). It’s not easy to do; as the inflatable gets larger, pumping more air into it becomes progressively more difficult. This can easily tire you out enough to make you want to abandon ship and get back home.

It’s not easy to do; as the inflatable gets larger, pumping more air into it becomes progressively more difficult. This can easily tire you out enough to make you want to abandon ship and get back home.

The Best Electric Pump for Inflatables

This is why having an electric pump with you is awesome. Electric pumps are small, portable, and fast. They do not take up much space when thrown into the boot of a car, so you can take them anywhere you can take your inflatables. They are pretty cheap and last a long time so no major cost involved which is always good.

Usually running off 120 volts of mains electricity. They can run off the mains or usually from a plug in your car.  These air pumps do a great job in rapidly inflating your favorite inflatable to full size in a few minutes. All that you have to do is connect the pipes and flip the switch. There are a number of pumps for inflatables in the market; We have reviewed three of the best options for you to consider.

Kwik Tek AIRHEAD AHP-120 Air Pump

AIRHEAD Air Pump, 120v
  • built for quality
  • made for fun and the sun
  • durable
  • 120-volt air pump for use with in-home AC power
  • Provides inflation/deflation for a variety of inflatables

The AIRHEAD from Kwik Tek is a canister style air pump that is perfect for light use. A variety of included connectors and universal valve fittings mean that you can use the pump to inflate just about anything around your home, from backyard pools and pool toys to air mattresses. The pump also comes with an ergonomically designed handle and a 10 feet long power cord so that you can operate the pump in an open space away from any power outlets.

The Kwik Tek AIRHEAD AHP-120 Air Pump works off a 120 volts mains AC power. Pumping at a rate of 300 liters per minute, the device draws a moderate current of 1.45 Amps. Because of the variety of nozzle fittings that come included with this device, you can also find a number of other creative uses for an air pump. It works perfectly as a blower when equipped with the smaller nozzles.

Additionally, because the pump is designed to run off domestic power, you must have a power inverter if you are planning to take it outdoors to the beach. The pump will not work from a car battery. So invest in a good quality inverter above the 200 Watts mark.

Kwik Tek AIRHEAD AHP-120HP Hi Pressure Air Pump

AIRHEAD Hi Pressure Air Pump, 120v
  • This is the best performing 120 volt air pump available, inflating and deflating at unprecedented...
  • Seven universal adapters are provided to fit all valves commonly used on boats, kayaks, towables and...
  • A Pressure Release Valve is included to limit pressure to 1.4 psi for preventing over-inflating...
  • The accordion-style hose locks onto the pump, eliminating annoying disconnections.
  • For added convenience, there's a carry handle and a 10 ft. long power cord.

Our second entry from Kwik Tek. This pump is the big brother to the AIRHEAD AHP-120 pump we discussed previously. While identical in almost all aspects except power consumption and fill rate, this pump is designed for inflating much larger objects such as ball pits and watersports boards and rafts that sustain a much higher pressure.

This pump comes with seven included universal adapters, designed to fit all kinds of kayaks and boards as well as regular home inflatables. There is a pressure release valve that limits air pressure to 1.4 psi for over-inflation protection. This prevents you from accidentally pumping an inflatable beyond its designed limits, which can cause poor performance or puncture.

The AHP-120HP Hi Pressure Air pump draws a current of 6.3 Amps off a standard 120 volts mains outlet. That amounts to a power draw of about 720 Watts. Pushing 460 liters of air per minute, the AHP-120HP is not designed to be run off a car battery. If you are planning to take this pump to the beach or any place where access to wall power might be difficult, we recommend you also purchase a power inverter that can deliver at least 800 watts of power.

Sevylor SUP and Water Sports Pump

Sevylor 2000014066 Air Pump Sup 12V 15 Psi
  • 12V portable air pump is great to keep on a boat or in the car
  • High-pressure pump inflates up to 15 psi for rigid SUP boards
  • Adjustable auto-shutoff stops the pump once the selected pressure is reached
  • Low-pressure extension hose and adapters included for low-pressure inflatables
  • Unit select button lets you choose from psi, kPa, and mbar

The Sevylor is the only pump on our list that works from a 12-volt DC power output such as your car. This makes it the perfect companion for when you are thinking about taking a few inflatables to the beach for some fun. The Sevylor is portable enough that you can keep it in the trunk of your car at all times and not notice it when you don’t need it.

The pump can deliver a maximum 15 psi of pressure, making it perfect for inflating boards and floats to full rigidity. It also includes an adjustable auto shut-off system. An integrated LCD display that automatically stops pumping when a set pressure is reached. Units like psi, kPa, and bar are supported.

Quick tip

Keep in mind that this pump is a high power device. Such immense pumping capacity does not come easily. It can draw up to 15 Amps of current from your car outlet, which can be dangerous if your car is not designed to deliver that. Check your car manual or with the manufacturer to confirm this is ok. Additionally, always have your engine running when using the pump to inflate. You can easily deplete your full battery if you are not careful so do be vigilant.

One thing that we did not like so much is the quality of the hose attachments and the hose itself. While the pump itself has no problems, the hose is really disappointing and can barely sustain about 7 to 8 psi of pressure. You can either opt to replace the hose or get yourself some heavy duty silicone or rescue tape to fix the leaks yourself. There are a number of adaptors included with the pump, so this device is actually quite versatile.