Wonder core smart reviews – Core workouts

If your looking for a way to get a great core workout at home but you don’t have much space then its worth taking a look at the Wonder Core Smart. The company who make the WonderCore promote it as the ultimate tool when it comes to core workouts. So if your looking for an intense core workout in the comfort of your own home it would seem to tick all the boxes.

We have all struggled with fitness, weight loss and body fat levels. It’s just one of those things with the way most of our lifetyles are today. We all see those perfect washboard abs on TV or at the beach and long to find a way to get into that shape ourselves. Of course no one machine or exercise will help you achieve this alone. Any exercise or lifetyle regime change needs to be combined with a balanced approach. This includes the food you eat, how much water you drink and even how much sleep you get. Check out our quick guider here to you get started.

Best hand strengthener- hand grippers

Improving grip strength is one of those terms you hear a lot at the gym. You have probably heard your gym instructor say hey you need to work on your grip strength. But what does it mean and do hand grippers really work? In this guide, we are going to dive into the best hand strengthener options and figure out which grip strengthener will work best for you.

What muscles do pull ups work?

Pull ups! They are something many of us would love to be able to do. Most find them very hard to achieve and usually give up before they manage to do them. On the one hand, this has a lot to do with a lack of upper body strength which comes from having a sedentary lifestyle. Another major reason is that most people don’t train correctly to improve their pullup performance. To do this we must first look at the question “What muscles do pull ups work?”


Best power tower-Free standing pull up bar

It’s not always easy to get to the gym. You’re busy with work and other commitments and you haven’t got time get to and from the gym. If this is you then like me you probably workout at home. Of course, you can’t have an entire set of gym equipment in your house so you need to be clever. If bodyweight training is no longer enough to challenge you then a power tower is an awesome addition to your home workout equipment


Best rowing machine reviews- row yourself fit

Some people say I’m strange because I like to row. Now while it might seem like something best done outside on the open water I prefer indoors. Until recently this was a bit of an issue since you can’t just go rowing in the bath tub. So I bought myself the best rowing machine I could find. Before I decided to buy I checked out the best places to find a rowing machine for sale and you will find the results of this search below.


Best adjustable dumbbells set-workout space savers

If you are like me then you have a chaotic house and barely enough space to swing a kettlebell. With work, kids and everything else it can be hard to find time to get to the gym. I prefer to use free weights rather than machines when I am training especially a dumbbell set. So recently I decided to try out adjustable dumbbells to see what they were like. I have always been a fan of solid dumbbells but have a full dumbbell set in the house is just not practical. 

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