Best Inversion chair-dealing with back pain

We recently published a guide on inversion tables and the benefits and uses they have. However, some may find an inversion chair more suitable for their needs and they are often overlooked. In this guide, we will look at the best inversion chair options and what the pros and cons are for the user. 

The first thing you will probably ask is how is an inversion chair different to an inversion table. Well as the name would suggest the difference is simple. One is used in a seated position while the other is used in a lying position, not unlike a bed.

So why is this important?

Inversion chair key benefits

Using a table can be tricky and often requires a second person to help you to adjust the fixings and straps etc. This is inconvenient and time-consuming. Using an inversion chair you can simply sit into the seat and strap yourself in, not unlike a seat in your car.

This is especially useful for those who are very elderly or have reduced mobility.

If someone suffers from issues such as foot, knee or ankle pain then hanging from the ankle braces of a table may not be suitable. Anyone in that group will find using an inversion chair beneficial as they can have most of the benefits of full inversion therapy without the leg related pain issues.

The rotation process is also made easier using inversion chairs which again is great for anyone with movement problems. It is also a consideration for those who are a little nervous of inversion therapy and wish to have more control over the movements.

Inversion chair therapy warning

Just as with any inversion therapy if you have any health issues which may cause you a problem then it is essential to consult your doctor before trying it out. Issues such as blood pressure problems, hernias, and heart conditions are top of the list as possible problems. This is not an exhaustive list so if you have any concerns check with your doctor first.

Best Inversion chair reviews

Now that you know a little about the therapy. It’s time to actually take a look at the best inversion chair options. We hope this guide will be useful to you. Hopefully helping you make the right buying decision that best suits your requirements.

Health Mark IV18600 Pro Inversion Therapy Chair

Health Mark IV18600 Pro Inversion Therapy Chair
  • Adjustable angle belt; 70 percent maximum inversion angle
  • Comfortable padded bench and nonslip feet
  • Comfortable and supportive seat and back support
  • Seat belt for safety
  • 300-pound weight capacity

The health mark pro inversion chair sticks out as the market leader. The company has been around for a long time and they consistently receives great feedback from users.

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Stamina Inline Inversion Chair

Stamina Inline Inversion Chair
  • Easy to get on and off
  • Adjustable lap belt for security; ratcheting leg lock System with push-button release; foam-padded...
  • Quick-adjust foot bar to accommodate different heights; cushioned, comfortable upholstery
  • Inversion-angle adjustment strap to control the degree of inversion; padded handlebars for added...
  • Skid-resistant rubber floor protectors for stability; heavy-duty steel frame construction

Stamina are another company that have been around for a long time. They have a great track record in health & fitness products and have mostly positive reviews.

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